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Prophecy Spoilers

Returning Cats

If you have already been in 2 prophecies, do not request to join with those cats at all! Edit YOUR OWN section!

NOTICE: If your cat has ALREADY been in Major Prophecies, do not put them in this one, because they can't!


Applefeather, DawnClan

Stormbender, DawnClan

Lilykit, MachineClan

Jadekit, MachineClan

Skyepaw, MachineClan

Tigerpaw, MachineClan


Miku, Organization

Snowheart, TimeClan

Lightningheart, TimeClan

Tatteredbook, TimeClan

Paradoxheart, TimeClan

Soraheart, TimeClan

Sunsetstar, TimeClan

Getsugaclaw, SolClan



Gingerrain, HerbClan

Luna, Loner

Lucy, Loner

Ripplepaw, HydricClan


Charm, Loner

Inkheart, LilacClan

Darkpelt, LeapClan

Dappledream, FeatherClan

Swiftsparrow, FeatherClan

Fennelkit, StarClan

Everhope, DawnClan

Phantomsoul, WingClan



Whisperpool, DawnClan

Mistbreeze, DawnClan

Haku/Kahakupaw, DawnClan

Chihiropaw, DawnClan

Shiitakepath, TimeClan

Blazeflicker, TimeClan

New Cats


Bobwhite, Sand Weavers

Prunesweet, Sand Weavers

Fadedkit(shadow), DawnClan

Sweetpaw, DawnClan

Fantasiaheart, DawnClan

Windstorm, DawnClan

Richtofen, Der Riese

Samantha, Der Riese

Probably more cats, but I dunno.


Lunakit(heart), TimeClan

Whitekit(flame), TimeClan

Blackkit(thunder), TimeClan

Greykit(blizzard), TimeClan

Himelight, DawnClan

Pinkkit(legend), TimeClan

Forestkit(dawn), TimeClan

Himeheart, DawnClan

Dusklight, DawnClan

Dawnlight, DawnClan

Ebonystorm, DawnClan

Grassdawn, DawnClan


Dahliapaw(thorne) - DawnClan

Sail - ShardClan

Yesterdaypaw(melody) - DawnClan


Featherpaw, MoorClan


Kate, Loner

Alex, Loner

Kiri, Loner

Momopaw (strike), HerbClan

Moonkit (drift), FrozenClan

Lemonkit (freeze), FrozenClan

Keykit (stone), BreezeClan

Ravenkit (poppy), RavenClan

Redkit (shade), RavenClan

Xia, Loner

Brigid, Loner

Leon, Loner

Cloud, Loner

Cottongale, DawnClan

Sakuramelody, DawnClan

Sky, Loner

Shadow, Loner

Lunarkit (spell), FallenClan

Iarxin, Loner

Saxsha, Loner

Xaruka, Loner

Xarynn, Loner

Xaschi, Loner

Lumaria, Loner

Ienzo, Loner

Meg, Loner

Kinixk, unborn, Loner

Fauxan, unborn, Loner

Nexene, unborn, Loner

Iex, unborn, Loner

Fenix, unborn, Loner



Northbreeze, FrozenClan

Robinwhisker, RavenClan

Dovepelt, SeaClan

Aspen (Aspenflower)

Nightshadeleaf, SandstormClan

Darknesspaw (fall), SandstormClan

Flamingpaw (storm), MidnightClan

Risingnight, FallenClan

Swancloud, FallenClan

Squirrelpaw (cloud), FrozenClan

Fantasypaw (light), FrozenClan

Lotuspetal, IrisClan

Silentkit(flame), IrisClan

Strawberryleaf, IrisClan

Twilightfeather, IrisClan

Hollowscar, IrisClan

Sunsetpaw(breeze) , DarkClan

Maplekit(frost), DarkClan

Signkit(flash), DarkClan

Aspenkit(?), LightningClan

Tansypaw(?), LightningClan

Supporting Cats


Lavenderheart, DawnClan

Whispershade, DawnClan

Honeylavender, DawnClan

Faolanwolf, DawnClan

Willowstorm, DuskClan

Violetshadow, StarClan

Copperbreeze, DawnClan


Phoenixfeather, DawnClan

Hikari, Organization

Rubydawn, TimeClan

Silvernight, TimeClan

Tauntpaw, TimeClan

Earthstorm, TimeClan

Getsugaclaw, SolClan

Violetheart, CityClan

Zoey, Organization

Futureheart, TimeClan

Lemonblaze, AlchemyClan

Kindheart, AlchemyClan

Goldstar, AlchemyClan

Spiritpaw(fur), GhoulClan


Strawberrypaw(field) - DawnClan


Kooripaw, HydricClan


Fushigiheart, DawnClan

Kuroblade, DawnClan

Mintopaw (water), HerbClan

Kumoripaw (drift), HerbClan

Echokit (dove), LostClan

Allochthonouspaw (berry), BrookClan

Berrypaw (heart), BrookClan

Stormfront, BrookClan

Amberkit (glow), MidnightClan

Cedarkit (feather), MidnightClan

Cloudykit (sky), LakeClan

Mintheart, FallenClan

Lightiningscar, RockClan



Lotuswhisper, TimeClan

Spiritkit (whisper), DawnClan

Leduskit (feather), DawnClan


Grasspaw(heart), DarkClan

Bravekit(claw), DarkClan

Pinestep, DarkClan

Stormpaw(dust), DarkClan

Willowpaw(bright), SandstormClan

Volekit(?), LightningClan, not born yet

Shrewkit(?), LightningClan, not born yet

Poppypaw(?), LightningClan

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