To celebrate 500 pages, I've made a look in the past. Some of you may remember this, some of you may not.

The first content page made still standing is the Tree Clearing

Destiny Calling is the founder. She made this when she was told she couldn't roleplay in her Blog at Warriors Wiki.

Here's also a memior to users who no longer come on:
Natalie Powell
Soren Noctus Marrella

May StarClan guide their paths! We would love you back!

The first cat page still alive is Mousethunder. She was rolplayed by Fawnstorm and a member of StagClan.

Technically, the first clan was ScarClan, and it was owned by 4pinkbear, but however, nothing was done with it.

We have more admins than active users.

Littlekit, where you can raise, train and love your LittleKit came to the wiki by Loveleaf. It soon branched off to another wiki by 4pinkbear and Loveleaf, but it was abandoned with Loveleaf's GREAT ABSENCE! Happy^.^

4pinkbear was technically the first user to join the wiki, Birdpaw (now banned for behavior) was second, and Ellie was third, then Dove.

This wiki has changed A LOT since the beginning of it!

Warrior Cats Roleplay Wiki has more than 100 Clans!!! HUZZAH!

DawnClan has the largest amount of cats (Seriously, how is that camp big enough???)

TimeClan is the first, and possibly only Clan, to roleplay in three different time periods.

TimeClan and BreezeClan are the only nomadic Clans.

FallenClan is the first nocturnal Clan.

MewClan was the first true spoof Clan, created by Destiny Calling, followed by PeachClan, BowserClan, DisneyClan, VocaloidClan, HackClan, and HetaliaClan.

Nightmareheart has the most mates (Tatteredbook, Lavenderheart, Phoenixfeather, Mistbreeze, Curseheart and Bubblefrost), beating Crowfeather, who was in love with Feathertail, Leafpool and Nightcloud. Apparently, Mistbreeze's the only one who actually sticks around as a mate.

There are now two nocturnal Clans, FallenClan and DarkClan.

There is a Clan that lives on a island where it is only day(MorningClan) and a Clan that lives on a island where it is only night(DarkClan)

Feel Free To Add Your Own!

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