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Richtofen is the first cat capable of controlling the elements using his mind.

We have over 100 roleplaying groups (tribes, groups, and clans) to roleplay in!

We have 4 major prophecies!

We have five bureaucrats (Destiny, Ellie, Violet, Luna and Phoenix) and four regular admins.

Kahakupaw is the first cat who is also a Spirit.

Faolanwolf and Lavenderheart were the first and only cats able to become wolves.

Richtofen also is the first cat who collects twoleg junk and lives in an abandoned, underground factory, eats twoleg foods, and acts like one at times.

Again, Richtofen is also the first cat to have over 5 split-personalities and to have eyes that change along with each one, leaving brown as his "neutral color".

Truthkit is the first cat to have a daemon.

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