Ran and Started by 4pinkbear


  1. These must be BRAND FLIPPIN NEW RP CHARACTERS. Old characters cannot be in this. Sorry. These cats must be BORN/MADE FOR THE PROPHECY. We're starting fresh now.
  2. This is mature. There may be DF scenes (most likely if they cross the PTG border to get to Frost Mountain D:)
  3. Prophecy cats STICK TOGETHER. If a cat is kidnapped/ambushed/attacked YOU HELP THEM. Seriously -_-
  4. All cats become Star Cats. Yeah. I mean it. They start normal and get blessed at Frost Mountain. Seriously.



Silverpaw(rose) - silver she-cat with a white underbelly and blue eyes. Expecting kits. DawnClan cat.

Deathpaw(river)- muddy green tom with red eyes. DuskClan cat.

More coming later.

Others Make your Username in Heading Three. List your characters below that with short Descriptions.

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