• No godmodding. Only one special power per cat, and it can't be one that's already taken.
  • Star Cats can be made, but only if we have less than 20 cats IN the prophecy.
  • Only 2 prophecy members per user; except admins, who can have 3.
  • Each user has to have at least 1 character who becomes sick with or dies of Bloomflower. Sorry, folks, it can't just be Vi all the time x3
  • You have to have at least 400+ edits to join. Sorry, it's only fair to those who've spent more time here.

Prophecy Members

Add your two cats below.

Willowkit (Violet)

Lonepaw (Violet)

Songbreeze (Violet)

Brightleaf (Meadow)

Spottedfeather (Meadow)

Shellpaw (Luna)

Windpaw (Luna)

Prisonerkit (Luna)

Orangepaw (Demmy)

Milkfur (Demmy)

Snakeclaw (Demmy)

Sparkpaw (Cinder)

Lionpaw (Cinder)

Pouncerose (Cinder)

Blackstripe (Dead)

Charlottewhisker (Dead)

Featherpaw (Dead)

Where do we Roleplay at?

Prophecy Roleplay 2, of course!

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