This is just a fun little page Destiny created so we admins can put down our thoughts and have a laugh. This is just random, and isn't really supposed to make sense. You can put down stuff that only you really understand, or about stuff that's going on in your life. Or, just random stuff. You also don't need to date them...unless you want to...

You may only edit your own section unless you are replying to a message someone put up on their section. In that case, please do this:

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And to those who view this page just to see what goes on (STALKERS!! Just kidding ^_^), please don't expect us to add in every thought that goes on in every corner of our minds. And also, don't expect an update every day. This is just a fun wee thing.

Notice: If you are an admin, please just add in your section. I've just revamped this thing, and I don't remember all the admins, so instead of risking putting the wrong person in, I've left off everyone but myself. ~Luna/Leia

Previous entries are available here.

Millenium Falcon;

So... I did a revamp of this thing because of how dated it was. And I renamed my section because of a certain new interest.

Anyway, I start school in less than three weeks. I'm both excited and not. Excited to see my friends again, but not excited to do schoolwork again. Anyone else feel this way?

Leia: Anyone else even want to use this?
Cotton: I actually very much like school and I'm okay with work too, just as long as I get my social life in.
Leia: I like school, I'm just not looking forward to the workload. I have an AP class every day, so I can pretty much guarantee hours of homework each night. Not to mention I always dread the first few days of school.


Does anyone else feel so soul-crushingly lonely that even surrounded by friends and loved ones you feel like you're slowly spiraling down a dark never-ending hole or as though you're a ruined building, slowly falling and crumbling piece by piece?

Leia: At times.

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