Amberfrost is a white she-cat with gold, brown, and grey streaks in her fur, and large blue eyes. 

She is roleplayed by .VioletEclipse and a member of EternalClan.


Adelina was born to Groph and Mierah in Group 935. Not much is known about her kithood, other than she was happy and had wonderful parents.

When both her parents died, she ran away. She joined EternalClan, which she met Kramer, the leader. They became mates and had 4 kits: Oliver, Mint, Kristina, and Flamekit. As soon as the kits were apprenticed he mysteriously vanished, leaving her devastated.

Richtofen took over as leader of EternalClan, and both he and Adelina worked together to repair the traumatized clan. She and Richtofen declared their decision to be mates before the clan, for she had found the one cat she cared about and a rightful father for her abandoned kits. Her children became warriors, taking warrior names: Blacksand (Oliver), Mintwish (Mint), Yarrowtail (Kristina) and Flamestorm (Flamekit). She, along with her new mate, took warrior names. Richtofen renewed himself as Duskstar, and she became Amberfrost.

She became pregnant with Duskstar's kits. When Kramer returns from the help of the EternalClan informant, Erik, she slaps her former mate, upset he had faked his alleged death and storms off.


Kramer - Former Mate

Duskstar - Mate

Flamestorm - Son

Mintwish - Daughter

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