Aquapaw is a sarcastic, witty, mysterious, slender, fine-boned, elegant, long-legged, gentle, yet aggressive, intelligent, beautiful, aqua, white, silver, and pink patched she-cat with black paws, a purple leg, blue speckles on her purple leg, and sharp, knowing, intelligent, observant aqua eyes that emanate an air of sarcasm.

She is an apprentice in WingClan. Her mentor is Opalshine.

She is a member of The 3rd Generation Prophecy. Her powers are to heal anything with the touch of her paws, to see everything in her surroundings (like many films inside of her head), and, occasionally, to grow wings and fly.


Aquakit is born to Fushigiheart and Phantomsoul with three siblings: Cherrykit, Whitekit, and Goldenkit. She is the sarcastic one in the litter, similar to her mother.

She is later introduced to Miku, Hikari's kit, by Cherrykit.

She is apprenticed after she decides that she wishes to live in WingClan with her father. Her mentor becomes Opalshine.


Aquakit is sarcastic, intelligent, and somewhat cynical. She has a vicious temper (not as big as Goldenpaw's), but she can usually control it.



Fushigiheart - Living, member of DawnClan


Phantomsoul - Living


Cherrypaw - Living, member of DawnClan

Whitepaw - Living, member of DawnClan

Goldenpaw - Living


Cloudchase - Living, member of CloudClan

Puresoul - Living


Tigerstrike - Living, member of MysticClan

Smallspider - Living


Keimeiflight - Living, member of DawnClan

Senkoulight - Living, member of DawnClan

Tallowheart - Living, member of TimeClan

Opalshine - Living


Hayaifeather - Living, member of DawnClan

Chiribirch - Living, member of DawnClan

Kuroblade - Living, member of DawnClan

Buckbeak - Living, member of PearlClan

Fangstorm - Living, member of TimeClan

Mottledfire - Living


Hedwig/Owlpaw - Living, member of PearlClan

Lupin/Mooneyes - Living, member of PearlClan

Twisterpaw - Living, member of DawnClan

Cottonkit - Living, member of DawnClan

Nightningalepaw - Living, member of TimeClan

Stormpaw - Living, member of TimeClan


  • She will become the medicine cat apprentice of WingClan after Phantomsoul joins DawnClan to be with Fushigiheart.
  • Her full name will be Aquapool

Character Pixels


"I can see everything in my surroundings, which is how I know your name."
-Aquakit to Miku Prophecy Roleplay

Real Life Image


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