Axel is a large, muscular, yet slender, handsome, secretive, outgoing, spikey-furred, cynical, sarcastic, impulsive, firey-tempered, cocky, charming, mysterious, agile, lithe, long-legged, flame-colored, reddish-ginger tabby tom with large, black paws, two teardrop shaped markings underneath his eyes, and sharp, knowing aqua blue-green eyes that glow with an intense inner fire.

He is a member of the Organization.


Axel was born as a single kit to Lea and Isa. Lea was a former member of the Organization, and used to tell the growing Axel stories about it.

After Axel grew, he went to the Organization, and became friends with Xion, an apprentice, Demyx, Xigbar, and Roxas.

He participated in the Greatest Battle, and helped kill Stormclaw after he mauled Fleckedbriar, and killed Brindlewing and Mincemeat.

He later starts to like Aqua.

She has his kits, named Tineoighir and Wǒàinǐ.

He seems to becoming more distant from Aqua, like he doesn't love her.

Demyx eventually confesses his love for him, and Axel says he likes him back. They promise to keep their relationship a secret.


Axel has a very laid-back, "go with the flow" outlook on many things, including missions and battles. But he also is shown to have a very kind, heartful side, shown to only his closest friends.

He can be quite cold, unforgiving, and merciless.

He acts like an older brother to Xion.

Out of the whole Organization, Axel is probably the most difficult to read. One never knows what he is thinking or whose side he is really on.

Axel tends to avoid eye contact when lying.



Demyx is Axel's best friend, and he has some feelings about the tom. They are mates.


He likes the she-cat, but not as much as she likes him.


He loves the she-cat like a sister.


  • He is based of the Kingdom Hearts character Axel.
  • He likes fire.


AxelAxel in real life~

Axel DaysActual/Human Axel~

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