Bailey is a very small, confident, easily frightened, long-limbed, shy, nervous around unknown cats, slender, lean, fluffy, long-haired, brave, a know-it-all, intelligent, silky-furred, thick-pelted, skinny, scrawny, kind, gentle, bright-minded, pale golden-brown tabby she-cat with soft, glossy, sleek fur, small, graceful paws, a fluffy, silky, plumy tail, a tuft of dark brown fur on her chest, white tips to her fur, long, muscular, pure white wings except for the wing tips, which are black, a long, narrow, pinkish-ginger muzzle, webbed, pinkish-ginger hind paws, and intelligent, bright, clear, calm, friendly, soft, pale, icy-blue eyes..

She is one of Patrick's kittypets.


Bailey is born to Rynan, a loner, and an unknown father with a single brother, named Max.

As a kit, Rynan told Biley and Max about the Clan cats.

Rynan is later murdered by rogues, leaving Bailey and Max alone.

The two cats are found by a young boy named Patrick. He adopts them.

They later manage to survive a tornado that destroyed the house they were in.

They follow Patrick to his orphanage.

When Patrick runs away, Bailey and Max are the only things he takes.

They are later found by Elise, an intern scientist at the Laboratory.

Max later introduces them to Prudence.

She later meets Morrigan.

She is injected with DNA from a Coscoroba Swan.

She later meets (and begins falling in love with) Marethyu.


Bailey is almost the exact opposite of her brother, Max. While he's very brave, to the point of cockiness and overconfidence, she, despite being confident, is very shy and nervous around cats she doesn't know.

Once you get to know her, however, she can be quite loquatious.

She is very intelligent, and will act like a know-it-all sometimes.



Rynan - Deceaced, member of StarClan


Max - Living


  • She and Max will remain Patrick's kittypets
  • She and Marethyu are confirmed to become mates in roleplay

Character Pixels

Real Life Image


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