Beautyheart is a beautiful pink she-cat with sapphire blue eyes. As a human, she is simply known as Beauty, and has pink hair with sapphire blue eyes. She is roleplayed by Phoenix.


Beauty is normally kind and helpful, even if she is in trouble. However, she is upset because she is the only human changed into a cat that does not have powers, though this does not show.

With her friends Bo-bobo, Don Patch, Jelly Jiggler, Torpedo Girl, Hatenko, Softon and Dengaku Man, she is weirded out by their actions, insofar as to comically freaking out. However, near Gasser, one of her friends, she is shown to have feelings for him, even calling him Gas-Can (in the Japanese manga, he is known as Heppokomaru, and her nickname for him is He-kun).

She does not know that Softon is her brother.


Beauty normally has pink hair that somewhat touches her shoulders, but just barely. Her blue eyes has been described with a number of shades of blue, though the one used for her character is sapphire blue.


She was wandering around in the woods until she was somehow turned into a cat. Beauty soon met Soi Fon, Rangiku, Grell, William, Kyo, and several other cats who were humans. After a while, Beauty runs outside the cave to find Ichigo and the other Mew Mews. She tells Ichigo she wants to become a Mew, but Ichigo explains it isn't that easy. She soon heads back to the cave where the other cats are.

Fire, a loner, quickly explains what Clans are, though Silver wanted to explain what Clans were, and it is decided the cats will form a Clan. Somehow, Ichigo turns back to normal and delivers food to the cats who were human. Beauty instantly goes for a hamburger, which surprises Soi Fon.

Later, as a conversation changes into one about Vocaloid, Beauty and Rangiku admit they are Vocaloid fans and chat about songs they have seen, while Kyo, who hates leeks (and how the Vocaloid conversation started), is confused.

Beauty is shocked when Gasser, in cat form no less, appears with two other humans-turned-cats, Tohru and Yusei.

When Ashe and Angela attack, she is scared when Sebastian shows his demonic form, despite only having access to a cat-version of it.

Later, during a Gathering for the spoof Clans, France attempts to hit on her and Tohru/Dawnleaf, but gets beaten up by Kyo/Infernoheart and Gasser/Fireshadow.


  • She is based off the Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo character Beauty.

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