Birdstar is a large, muscular, slender black she-cat with well-built hind legs, one white paw, and light green eyes.

She is roleplayed by 4pinkbear.


Birdkit was born in DuskClan to Heartwing and Greatleap. She had 4 siblings: Robinkit (Robinstar), Shadowkit (Shadowpaw), Shiningkit (Shiningpath), and Thrushkit (Thrushwing). She had a single friend, Willowkit, who was killed by falling off the Great Cliff the week after opening her eyes. Grief-stricken, Birdkit had attempted to help the elders bury her friend. Birdkit then helped care for Willowkit's brother, Rabbitkit (Rabbitspring) for 4 moons. Soon enough, Birdkit and her siblings became apprentices. Birdpaw recieved Flowerfeather as her mentor. She and Flowerfeather became very close friends, eventually bonding a close relationship.

Tragedy struck! Birdpaw's brother, Shadowpaw, went on a walk with his brother Robinpaw. Robinpaw was about to be killed by a badger when Shadowpaw jumped in the way and got killed instead. Birdpaw was horrified at his dead body and ran away, crossing the DawnClan border. Scared, she slept with a friendly loner named Oreo. Oreo's much older sister, Layke, showed Birdpaw the way to DawnClan, and a spot where patrols always shows up. Birdpaw gives her thanks to the mid-aged cat and sets off, and later meets Firemoon, a young she-cat who was patrolling with her sister, Icefeather, and her friend, Charmfur. Firemoon brings Birdpaw to camp and reports to the dying Ryestar. He tells Firemoon that she can stay and makes an announcement that Birdpaw will stay with the clan. Firemoon becomes her mentor.

Birdpaw falls in love with Brokenpaw, a young apprentice who is the son of Icefeather, who can run fast even though he has a twisted paw. He loves her back. They begin requesting to train together everytime they go out, even when they are hunting or on a border patrol. Icefeather and Firemoon both seem to know that the young cats are in love.

Birdpaw and Brokenpaw both recieve their names: Birdwing and Brokendawn. They fall in love.
Birdwing begins expecting Brokendawn's kits. They are often seen twining tails.

She later loses her final life to Runningstar.

She is reincarnated as Birdheart, and re-joins StarClan when Birdheart dies.

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