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Leader: Mudblaze, Lilacblaze
Deputy: Moorheart, Rippledapple
Medicine Cat/Apprentice: Goldenstream

Welcome to BlazeClan, the Clan of Mythology;

Oh, hello! I didn't see you there. Then again, I can't see anything. I picked up your scent, though. Since Iceblaze is being arrogant and refusing to show you around, I, the Herb Keeper Ebonystorm, am the one to greet you instead.


BlazeClan is a Clan with a slight basis on mythology, due to the god and goddess bits.

The leader, or God, is heavily worshiped, along with the Goddess.

The other cats have various jobs, and they stay in their rank (apart from mothers, weaklings, and trainees) until they retire or die.

They live close to ForestClan.


There are really only a couple

  1. The name "blaze" cannot be used anywhere at the end of any cat's name other than the God and Goddess, BUT it can be used as the beginning of any cat.
  2. If your character is homophobic, transphobic, sexist, ect., expect them to be ripped apart by the other members of the Clan.



Leader. Must always be a masculine gender or agender. When they die or step down, their successor (deputy) becomes leader. They don't need to take the Goddess as a mate, but it does happen. They always start with five lives.

If the Goddess dies before them, they can chose to step down or remain God.


Leader. Must always be a feminine gender or agender. When they die or step down, their successor (deputy) takes their place. They don't need to take the God as a mate, but it does happen. They always start with five lives.

If the God dies before them, they can chose to step down or remain Goddess.

Herb Keeper;

Medicine cat.

Herb Finder;

Medicine cat apprentice.


Protect the Clan and defend it. They build the barriers of the camp. They also battle in the front lines, and are known to be good fighters.


Hunt, and most are swift and can act as messengers.


Tell the God and Goddess what Trainee's warrior names will be. They also name Weaklings and hunt sometimes.

Weakling Protectors;

Care for the Weaklings, clean the dens, and protect Weaklings. Can fight, but not as well as the Protectors.


Whatever their mentor is, that is what they will become. Apprentices.

Birth Parents;

Queens/calns. They can stay Mothers after their Weaklings become Trainees if there is an abundance of Birth Parents with Weaklings.


Kits. Weaklings become Trainees at six moons old.


Retired cats.

Current Members;


Mudblaze - Feminine, friendly, loving, caring, just, long-haired, black tom with dark brown stripes, a dark brown face and tail tip, soft, fluffy fur, and dark, murky, intense, green eyes. Openly gay. Ebonystorm's mate. (Luna)

Successor: Moorheart


Lilacblaze - Pretty, intelligent, loyal, friendly, bubbly, trustworthy, happy, bright-minded, caring, sleek, glossy, short-haired, soft-featured, gentle, nice, kind, sweet, likeable, calm, long-limbed, agile, nimble, lithe, quick, strong, white she-cat with purplish-gray and pinkish-ginger patches, pale green moss stains scattered through her pelt, a few scattered silver and fiery-ginger streaks in her fur, fluffy, soft, gentle blueish-gray paws, a blueish-gray tabby patch on the underside of her tail, and big, bright, clear, brilliant, intelligent, shining, gleaming violet eyes that have darker waves of color in them with barely-visible pinkish-amber speckles visible in the waves. Her voice sounds like the waves of the ocean. Redhawk and Heatflame's sister. Bumblethorn's mate. Amberbright and Cedarfrost's mother. (Luna)

Successor: Rippledapple

Herb Keeper;

Goldenstream - Beautiful, sleek-furred, silky-furred, bubbly, hyperactive, happy-go-lucky, very pale golden, almost white, she-cat with dark golden marbled tabby stripes, white flecks scattered through her pelt, and neon lemon-yellow eyes with neon lime-green flecks in her eyes. Lionstorm and Rippledapple's daughter. Wraithheart, Eaglefoot, and Sunnysplash's sister. (Luna)

Herb Finder; None currently


Ebonystorm - Handsome, young, fluffy, kind, intelligent, knowing, strong, long-limbed, very dark gray tom with black tips to his fur, large paws, and clear, blind gray eyes. Previously Herb Keeper. Bisexual. Mudblaze's mate. (Luna)

Trainee; Sagepaw

Lionstorm - Strong, rowdy, yet he knows when to settle down and be quiet, mottled golden-brown tom with thick, darker fur around his neck, a pure dark brown tail, and light green eyes. Rippledapple's mate. Wraithheart, Eaglefoot, Goldenstream, and Sunnysplash's father. Regrets following Iceblaze. (Luna)

Florallight - Quiet, wise, rarely speaking, gentle, pinkish-brown tabby she-cat with pinkish-cream paws, ears, underbelly, throat, chest, and tail, and lime green eyes. Hawktalon's mate. Lightsong and Snowkit's mother. (Luna)

Trainee; Kisekipaw

Redhawk - Smart, gentlemanly, decent, thick-pelted, ruffled, long-haired, serious, handsome, proud, fluffy, ragged, ruffled, spiky-furred, calm, determined, trustworthy, very loyal, reddish-ginger tabby tom with lighter splotches, chest, ear tips, a ring around his muzzle, tail tip, rings around his tail, and underbelly, a very dark reddish-ginger muzzle and toes, long claws, a plumy, fluffy, ruffled, spiky-furred tail, large, pointed, tufted, fluffy ears, large, fluffy, clumsy looking paws and pale yellow eyes flecked with orange-red. Lilacblaze and Heatflame's brother. Wishingdream's mate. Creamfrost, Flamingsecret, Blazingpaw, Burningpaw, and Rosepool's father. Regrets following Iceblaze. (Luna)

Trainee; Boragepaw

Lightsong - Wise, calm, sweet, adorable, kind, friendly, observant, intelligent, strategic, small, light brown tabby she-cat with a creamy-white chest, throat, and underbelly, dark pinkish-brownish-ginger tabby patches scattered through her pelt, and leaf-green eyes. Iceblaze and Florallight's daughter. Snowkit's sister. (Luna)

Trainee; Eggpaw

Eaglefoot - Rebellious, arrogant, cocky, long-haired, moody, aggressive, dark gray tabby tom with scattered black, light silvery-gray, and white patches, long claws, long teeth, and dark blue eyes. Lionstorm and Rippledapple's son. Wraithheart, Goldenstream, and Sunnysplash's brother. (Luna)


Heavyclaw - Large, fat, heavy dark brown tom with lighter brown spots and copper eyes. Abusive, forceful, and took Quickstep as a mate against her will, and will do anything to keep her. (Shuckle)

Quickstep - Lithe, quick-thinking, and skilled at fighting. Black she-cat with blue eyes and grey spots along her tail and front legs. Extremely scared of Heavyclaw, but truly cares for him as a friend besides everything he does to her. (Shuckle)

Creamfrost - Strikingly beautiful, nice, bubbly, happy, smart, clever, lithe, silky-furred, creamy, smooth-furred, yet fluffy, cream-colored she-cat with pinkish-cream splotches, paws, ear tips, rings around her eyes, muzzle, face, chest, a stripe from her nose to her tail tip with thin stripes coming off of it, underbelly, and tail tip, a fluffy, short, spiky-furred tail, large, pointed ears, long claws, small, delicate-looking paws, and pale, beautiful, dazzling, brilliant, pale pinkish-yellow eyes with dark pink flecks inside of them. Redhawk and Wishingdream's daughter. Flamingsecret, Blazingpaw, Burningpaw, and Rosepool's sister. (Luna)

Trainee; Puddlepaw

Memoryviolet - Strikingly beautiful, calm, serene, quiet, very wise, smart, clever, easygoing, long-haired, well-kept, smooth, glossy, sparkling, sleek, soft-furred, silky-furred, dark silver tabby she-cat with pale purplish-silver stripes scattered randomly throughout her pelt, dark purplish-silver toes, tail tip, ear tips, and muzzle, slightly big, fluffy, round paws, pointed ears, a long, silky, glossy, well-kept, silky, soft, sparkling, long-furred, plumy tail and calm, serene, sparkling, glistening, dazzling, memory-filled, pale violet eyes flecked with calm, serene, dark blue. Cedarfrost's mate. Ashpaw, Featherpaw, and Puddlepaw's mother. (Luna)

Trainee; Thymepaw

Amberbright - Slender, witty, agile, intelligent, clever, cunning, devious, bright-minded, strikingly beautiful, intense, wise, sweet, yet arrogant, long-haired, silky-furred, thick-pelted, gentle, sleek, glossy, fluffy, long-limbed, serene, studious, yet energetic, cute, lovely, golden-brown tabby she-cat with lighter golden paws, ears, chest, muzzle, underbelly, and tail, a tuft of white fur on her chest, white toes, tail tip, and patch on the bridge of her muzzle, and pale, luminous, intelligent, bright, clear, sparkling, shining, shimmering, elegant, alert, observant amber eyes. Likes toms and she-cats. Bumblethorn and Lilacblaze's daughter. Cedarfrost's brother. (Luna)

Trainee; Kokoropaw

Rainfrost - Beautiful, slender, young, calm, sweet, motherly, mottled blueish-gray she-cat with silver, black, white, and pale blueish-silver dapples scattered through her pelt, and watery-blue eyes with pale gingery-yellow flecks near her pupils. Stormfire's mate. Eggpaw, Rabbitpaw, and Frogpaw's mother. (Luna)

Grayfox - Long-haired, fluffy, pale gray and dark gray tom with lighter tabby stripes, a huge, bushy, fox-like tail, a narrow, fox-like muzzle, and pale yellow-green eyes. Stormfire's brother. Alderpool's mate. Mintpaw, Sagepaw, Thymepaw, and Boragepaw's father. (Luna)

Sunnysplash - Handsome, sunny, bright-natured, sweet, reddish-ginger tom with pale ginger, bright yellowish-ginger, and pale gingery-golden splotches scattered through his pelt, pure red claws, and neon orange eyes with ripples of dark red in them and flecks pale yellow in the ripples. Lionstorm and Rippledapple's son. Wraithheart, Eaglefoot, and Goldenstream's brother. (Luna)


Hawktalon - Muscular, feathery-furred, handsome, battle-scarred, dark brownish-gray tabby tom with green eyes. Exiled unfairly from his previous Clan (Clan unknown). Florallight's mate. (Luna)

Dewfeather - Small, beautiful, clever, calm, slightly shy, nice, wise, young, cute, feathery, silky-furred, smooth, thick-pelted, long-haired, slender, delicate, elegant, pale silver tabby she-cat with a very pale gray, almost white, tail tip, muzzle, ears, paws, chest, rings around her eyes, barely visible flecks scattered throughout her pelt, underbelly, and a mark on her haunch shaped like a feather, and calm, once-welcoming, serene, almost emotionless, pale blue eyes flecked with paler blue. Dustfoot's mate. Shiningcloud, Muddystorm, Moorheart, Kokoropaw, and Kisekipaw's mother. (Luna)

Trainee; Frogpaw

Flamingsecret - Quiet, big, secretive, shy, dedicated, introverted, spiky-furred, ruffled, long-haired, fluffy, wispy-furred, strong, swift, smart, muscular, reddish-ginger tabby tom with gingery-cream colored toes, tail tip, muzzle, underbelly, chest, face, a tuft of fur covering his left eye, and left ear, large, tufted ears, a long, plumy, spiky, fluffy tail, large, clumsy-looking paws, long claws, and bold, calm, dull, almost emotionless yellow eyes flecked with flame-orange. Redhawk and Wishingdream's son. Creamfrost, Blazingpaw, Burningpaw, and Rosepool's brother. Regrets that he followed Iceblaze. (Luna)

Moorheart - Very smart, nice, loyal, not talkative, very big, tolerant, wiry, short-haired, thick-pelted, swift, fleet, strong, muscular, introverted, pale brown tom with lighter tips of his fur, chest, ears, tail tip, toes, tufts of fur scattered across his pelt, fur around his eyes, muzzle, underbelly, and fur above his nose, and pale green eyes flecked with pale brown. Dustfoot and Dewfeather's son. Shiningcloud, Muddystorm, Kokoropaw, and Kisekipaw's brother. (Luna)

Trainee; Ashpaw

Alderpool - Pale gray and light brown mottled tabby she-cat with white paws, a darker chest and underbelly, a long tail, and intense, sharp, alert, pale green eyes. Grayfox's mate. Mintpaw, Sagepaw, Thymepaw, and Boragepaw's mother. (Luna)

Rosepool - Cute, very shy, tiny, delicate, jumpy, fear-filled, timid, wispy-furred, short-haired, glossy, soft-furred, silky-furred, sleek, lithe, small, easily saddened, pink-cream tabby she-cat with red-cream, orange-cream, darker pink-cream and ginger-cream splotches shaped like roses scattered randomly throughout her pelt, a bright ginger tail tip, toes, and ear tips, small, round paws, large, widely-spaced, tufted ears, a long, plumy, wispy, soft, silky, glossy, short furred tail and dark pink eyes flecked with bright red-orange. Redhawk and Wishingdream's daughter. Creamfrost, Flamingsecret, Blazingpaw, and Burningpaw's sister. Regretful for following the wrong side. (Luna)

Trainee; Rabbitpaw

Weakling Protectors;

Rippledapple - Gentle, kind, quiet, soft-featured, dark blueish-gray she-cat with black dapples scattered through her pelt, black tabby markings on her legs and tail, and murky, intense, deep, gentle blue eyes. Lionstorm's mate. Wraithheart, Eaglefoot, Goldenstream, and Sunnysplash's mother. (Luna)

Trainee; Featherpaw

Bumblethorn - Spazzy, fluffy, muscular, broad-shouldered, long-haired, silky-furred, handsome, hyperactive, energetic, spiky-furred, thick-pelted, silver, golden-brown, and black tabby tom with white paws, a black tail tip, a broad, flat face, a soft, bright, unusual pink nose, a few speckles of dark gray, white, and dark brown in his fur, two sleek, long black spikes of fur on top of his head, like bumblebee antenna, long, spiky, ruffled, soft, tufty, flowing fur, a long, bushy, twitchy tail, and intense, brilliant, dark, sunset-colored amber eyes. Lilacblaze's mate. Amberbright and Cedarfrost's father. (Luna)

Trainee; Mintpaw

Shiningcloud - Strikingly beautiful, tiny, bright-natured, silky-furred, soft-furred, thick-pelted, long-haired, sweet, lithe, nice, kind, easily saddened, delicate, small, helpful, dedicated, cute, pretty, dark silver she-cat with lighter swirling stripes scattered across her pelt, very pale brownish-gray rings around her eyes, ear tips, tail tip, and underbelly, and shimmering, dazzling, bright, blue eyes flecked with pale green. Dustfoot and Dewfeather's daughter. Muddystorm, Moorheart, Kokoropaw, and Kisekipaw's sister. (Luna)

Cedarfrost - Slender, strikingly handsome, likable, friendly, kind, ambitious, witty, intelligent, bright-minded, long-limbed, sleek, glossy, long-haired, silky-furred, energetic, yet calm, thick-pelted, gentle, happy, funny, bold, spunky, joyful, spirited, happy-go-lucky, light-hearted, pale gray and pale brown tabby tom with a tuft of darker fur on his chest, white paws, ear tips, and tail tip, a black underbelly, chest, and toes, a silvery-gray patch of fur on his nose, and light, luminous, intelligent, bright, clear, sparkling, shining, shimmering, handsome, alert, observant green eyes. Lilacblaze and Bumblethorn's son. Amberbright's brother. Memoryviolet's mate. Ashpaw, Featherpaw, and Puddlepaw's father. (Luna)

Wraithheart - Pretty, odd, humorous, long-limbed, white she-cat with faint silver stripes, fluffy, long, soft fur, a slight glow (due to her bright fur) to her fur, and pupil-less, blind silver eyes. Lightsong's best friend. Lionstorm and Rippledapple's daughter. Eaglefoot, Goldenstream, and Sunnysplash's sister. (Luna)


Kokoropaw - Over-emotional, short-tempered, long-haired, feminine, slightly immature most of the time, yet can be mature, intelligent, long-limbed, handsome, risk-taking, brave to the point of recklessness, yellowish-ginger cat with a slightly darker patch of fur on the left side of his face (covering his eye), neck, chest, and upper left foreleg, long, sharp claws, two reddish-ginger streaks on his chest resembling a cross, black paws, ear tips, tail tip, and the underside of his tail, and piercing, bright, emotional, ice-blue eyes. Genderfluid and uses he/him or she/her pronouns, depending on the day (primarily he/him). Dustfoot and Dewfeather's kit. Shiningcloud, Muddystorm, Moorheart, and Kisekitpaw's sibling. (Luna)

Kisekipaw - Lazy, cocky, yet smart, handsome, fluffy, short-haired, easily bored, long-limbed, somewhat mistake-prone, handsome, slightly more mature than Kokoropaw, yet still risk-taking and brave to the point of recklessness, reddish-brown tabby tom with a thin, pale ginger ring of fur around each of his eyes, a thick white ring of fur around each of the ginger rings, long, sharp claws, black hind paws and stripes on his forelegs, tufted ear tips and tail tip, a lighter chest and underbelly, and dark, sapphire-blue eyes. Dustfoot and Dewfeather's son. Shiningcloud, Muddystorm, Moorheart, and Kokoropaw's brother. (Luna)

Ashpaw - Strikingly beautiful, nice, sweet, dreamy, fun, happy, calm, serene, studious, long-haired, white and very pale gray, almost white, tabby she-cat with darker paws, chest, underbelly, rings around her toes, and rings around her eyes, and bright, shimmering, calm, intense, pale blue eyes flecked and rimmed with darker blue. Cedarfrost and Memoryviolet's daughter. Featherpaw and Puddlepaw's sister. (Luna)

Featherpaw - Big, muscular, somewhat flirty, bold, proud, nice, funny, happy, fluffy, long-haired, soft-furred, pale brown tabby tom with slightly darker paws, muzzle, chest, flecks, underbelly, ears, and streaks near his face, a fluffy, bushy tail, rounded, tufted ears, and pale, light green eyes flecked with murky, dark green. Cedarfrost and Memoryviolet's son. Ashpaw and Puddlepaw's brother. (Luna)

Puddlepaw - Rowdy, rambunctious, loud, noisy, obnoxious, wild, funny, troublemaking, strikingly handsome, nice, friendly, loyal, reckless, fearless, fluffy, long-haired, mottled pale brown, white and gray tom with dark gray paws, chest, underbelly, muzzle, tail tip, ear tips, and a stripe from his nose to his tail tip, and bold, bright, amber eyes flecked with bright, bold dark yellow. Cedarfrost and Memoryviolet's son. Ashpaw and Featherpaw's brother. (Luna)

Mintpaw - Nice, wise, fearless, elegant, delicate, sweet, silky-furred, soft-furred, fluffy, smart, clever, mottled dark gray, pale gray, light brown, white, black and grayish-brown she-cat with light gray paws, underbelly, muzzle, chest, ear tips and rings around her eyes, and bright, shimmering, wise, smart, brilliant eyes, one pale blue flecked with pale amber, and one pale amber flecked with pale blue. Grayfox and Alderpool's daughter. Sagepaw, Thymepaw, and Boragepaw's sister. (Luna)

Sagepaw - Shy, little, quiet, silky-furred, matted-furred, mottled dark gray, blueish-gray, silver, and pale gray she-cat with pale blueish-gray paws, chest, muzzle, underbelly, and flecks through out her fur, and piercing, cold, calm, murky blue eyes flecked with piercing, bright, pale blue. Grayfox and Alderpool's daughter. Mintpaw, Thymepaw, and Boragepaw's sister. (Luna)

Thymepaw - Calm, serene, studious, determined, nice, sweet, helpful, small, lithe, delicate, light-boned, soft-furred, silky-furred, thick-pelted, fluffy, good-natured, mottled pale brown, dark brown, silver, and dark gray she-cat with pale gray paws, chest, tail tip, underbelly, ear tips, and rings around her eyes, and smart, brilliant, calm, soft, pale blue eyes flecked with bright, intense, amber. Grayfox and Alderpool's daughter. Mintpaw, Sagepaw, and Boragepaw's sister. (Luna)

Boragepaw - Pretty, fun, bright-natured, thick-pelted, fluffy, silky-furred, good-natured, bubbly, happy, mottled pale gray, white, silver, and dark gray she-cat with black paws, chest, flecks, underbelly, and muzzle, and bright, shimmering, blue eyes rimmed and flecked with yellow. Grayfox and Alderpool's daughter. Mintpaw, Sagepaw, and Thymepaw's sister. (Luna)

Eggpaw - Weak, very small, easily hurt, soft-furred, smooth, thick-pelted, silky-furred, creamy, timid, shy, quiet, easily saddened, white tom with very pale gray, almost white, splotches, rings around her eyes, ears, tail tip, muzzle, chest, and underbelly, and fear-filled, yet calm, pale violet eyes flecked with pale amber. Though she identifies a tom, she uses she/her pronouns. Stormfire and Rainfrost's son. Rabbitpaw and Frogpaw's brother. (Luna)

Rabbitpaw - Hyperactive, spazzy, wild, energetic, long-limbed, fiery, peppy, bright-minded, slender, fluffy, long-haired, thick-pelted, silky-furred, sleek, graceful, pale, flame-colored ginger tom with white paws, a bit on his muzzle, ear tips, and tail tip, a few scattered cream stripes on his legs and tail, a reddish patch of fur on the back of his neck, a dark, flame-colored ginger patch on his forehead, and pale, luminous, intense, brilliant, sparkling, fiery, bright, radiant, glowing, sunset-colored amber eyes. Stormfire and Rainfrost's son. Eggpaw and Frogpaw's brother. (Luna)

Frogpaw - Big, mean, aggressive, muscular, ambitious, bloodthirsty, strong-willed, dark-natured, dark, murky greenish-gray tom with darker paws, splotches, muzzle, chest, ears, underbelly, tail tip, rings around his eyes, and a tuft of fur on his forehead, and murky, dark green eyes flecked with murky, dark blue. Stormfire and Rainfrost's son. Eggpaw and Rabbitpaw's brother. (Luna)

Birth Parents;

Mallowfur - Thin, open-minded, ambitious, fierce, sleek, can be violent, gray tabby tom with white paws, a white tail tip, and bright green eyes. Trans tom. Very unhappy currently because a rogue tom managed to mate him and misgender him. (Luna)

Weaklings; Expecting. Caring for Echokit and Fangkit

Wishingdream - Pretty, bubbly, smart, slightly ditsy, funny, strikingly beautiful, kind, light-hearted, bright-natured, loyal, helpful, clever, talkative, outgoing, pinkish-cream tabby she-cat with very dark gingery-cream paws, splotches shaped like clouds randomly scattered throughout her pelt, chest, rings around her tail, muzzle, rings around her ears, underbelly, fur above her nose, and a marking on her haunch shaped like a shooting star, and pretty, bright, welcoming, pale pink eyes flecked with very dark orange. Redhawk's mate. Creamfrost, Flamingsecret, Blazingpaw, Burningpaw, and Rosepool's mother. (Luna)

Weaklings; Expecting


Birchkit - cocky, arrogant, snarky she cat with sleek brown fur and sparkling dark blue eyes. (Bird)

Echokit - Beautiful, fluffy, sweet, wise, somewhat talented, kind, modest, dilute tortoiseshell she-cat with scattered white patches, a white chest, underbelly, and legs, a long, fluffy, silver-tipped tail, and misty, soft, pale yellowish-green eyes. Fangkit's sister. Found abandoned by Mallowfur. 3 moons old. (Luna)

Fangkit - Small, handsome, fluffy, strong, serious, determined, modest, quiet, very pale silver, almost white, tom with very faint silver stripes on his back and tail, white paws, a white underbelly, and dark green eyes. Echokit's brother. Found abandoned by Mallowfur. 3 moons old. (Luna)


Stormfire - Dark gray tabby tom with scattered fiery-ginger patches, black paws, scars crisscrossing his pelt, and intense, fiery, bright, glowing amber-orange eyes. Stays out of the rebellion stuff. Rainfrost's mate. Eggpaw, Rabbitpaw, and Frogpaw's father. Grayfox's brother. Retired early due to the intense, near-immobilizing pain he feels from the revolution. (Luna)

Former Members;

Goldendawn - Creamy golden marbled tabby she-cat with dark golden and cream spots dappling her pelt, and dawn amber eyes. Swift, nice, yet she can be sassy. Disappeared. (Shorts)

Grasswater - Arrogant brown she-cat with white spots, and green eyes. Thinks because she is a namer, she doesn't have to help out. Against the rebellion, but will turn sides if it suits her. Disappeared. (Splashcloud)

Grayrose - Gray she-cat with white, light gray, and blonde speckles with icy blue eyes. For the rebellion. Disappeared. (Short)

Wishpaw - Wispy white and brown she-cat with orange-amber eyes and gray paws. Doesn't take a side. Disappeared. (Short)

Dangerpaw - A black she-cat with a red-tipped neck and a red eye-liner looking pattern. She also has red flecks on her face and cheeks. She's bisexual and leans a little more toward females. Disappeared. (Rhythm)

Flowersong - Long-haired, fierce, aggressive, lonely, seclusive, tortoiseshell she-cat with pale eyes, one pink, one green. Desperately wants to rebel against Iceblaze. Slain by Heatblade during the rebellion. (Luna)

Mousepaw - Small, quick, silent (not mute), skittish, light brown tom with barely visible stripes, dark brown flecks, and ambery-brown eyes. As fast as the wind, as silent as a stone and as skittish as a rabbit. Hates the idea of a rebellion in general, but also hates Iceblaze. Slain during the rebellion. (Luna)

Dovepaw - Shy, quiet, yet friendly, snow-white she-cat with soft blue eyes. Winterpaw's sister. Wants Iceblaze gone, but doesn't want to fight if it can be avoided. Slain during the rebellion. (Luna)

Winterpaw - Fluffy, long-haired, snow-white tom with icy blue eyes. A great fighter, but prefers not to spill blood. Dovepaw's brother. Sides with his sister, Dovepaw, about a rebellion. Slain during the rebellion. (Luna)

Blossomstream - Elegant, slender, intelligent, quiet, sensitive, loyal, positive, upbeat, cheerful, long-limbed, fluffy, long-haired, thoughtful, silky-furred, spunky, happy-go-lucky, spirited, light-hearted, happy, optimistic, fluffy, thick-pelted, gentle, dark brown she-cat with slightly spiky fur, soft, light blueish-gray paws, pinkish-gray toes, a light golden-brown chest and underbelly with a longer tuft of black fur on her chest, and intelligent, intellectual, bright, calm, clear, intense, sparkling, shining, shimmering, starry, alert, observant, yet nearsighted, very, very slightly murky, dark, sapphire-blue eyes. Points out the flaws in Iceblaze's judgement to others, and acts as the rebellion's main messenger from the main part of camp. Was seriously wounded during the rebellion, and died from excessive blood loss. (Luna)

Iceblaze - Fierce, aggressive, a perfectionist, cocky, fluffy, long-haired, homophobic, transphobic, dubbed as unfair, white tom with fiery brownish-ginger patches, and dark, fiery-orange eyes. Forcibly Florallight's mate. Lightpaw and Snowkit's father. Snowyheart's son. Wants to keep ruling BlazeClan with an iron paw, and will kill anyone against him. Slain by Florallight and Mallowpaw(fur). (Luna)

Snowkit - Sassy, stuck-up, snobbish, rude, white she-cat with pinkish-brown paws, underbelly, and tail, pinkish-cream ears, throat, and chest, and light orange eyes. Thinks that she can get away with anything since she is the God and Goddess's daughter, and dislikes the idea of a rebellion. For this reason, she detests her sister, Lightkit. 4 moons old. Iceblaze and Florallight's daughter. Lightsong's sister. Slain by Lightkit(song). (Luna)

Snowyheart - Aggressive, fierce, intelligent, atypical for a she-cat, ambitious, slightly arrogant, fluffy, white she-cat with flame-colored, bright, fiery-ginger patches, brown tips of fur on the patches, and light, fiery orange eyes. Iceblaze's mother. Slain during the rebellion. (Luna)

Tallpaw - Fluffy, slightly cynical, tough, blue-gray tabby tom with pale sandy-gray patches, dark brown tabby patches, and pale, flame-colored ginger patches, jagged black stripes scattered through his pelt, a creamy-brown chest and underbelly, and intense, blind, pale eyes, one fiery-amber, and the other sky-blue. Sides with Mallowpaw(fur). Slain during the rebellion. (Luna)

Lavenderpaw - Sleek, long-haired, soft-featured, pale gray tabby she-cat with a heavy purple tint to her fur, a long, glossy pelt, one darker paw with long, sharp, odd, lavender-colored claws on it, and pale lavender eyes. Is trying to calm down some of the more violent rebellious cats, but still favors it. Slain during the rebellion. (Luna)

Blazingpaw - Bright natured, energetic, hyper, funny, wild, clumsy, big, somewhat crazy, carefree, spiky, long-haired, fluffy, wispy-furred, ragged, never well-kept, klutzy, dark reddish-cream tabby tom with pale reddish-ginger splotches scattered randomly throughout his pelt, small, thin, fiery reddish-ginger stripes on his legs, tail, near his face, on his paws, near his spine, on his underbelly, and on his neck, large, klutzy-looking paws, tufted ears, long, sharp claws, a long, spiky, fluffy, plumy, never well-kept tail, and bright yellow eyes flecked with very dark orange. Redhawk and Wishingdream's son. Creamfrost, Flamingsecret, Burningpaw, and Rosepool's brother. Neutral. Slain during the rebellion. (Luna)

Burningpaw - Quite handsome, smart, clever, muscular, large, funny, loyal, easygoing, determined, good-natured, short-haired, thick-pelted, well-kept, sleek, smooth, caring, calm, dedicated, very dark reddish-ginger tom with lighter reddish-ginger stripes scattered randomly throughout his pelt, lighter reddish-ginger toes, tail tip, underbelly, muzzle, rings around his eyes, a mark on his haunch shaped like a flame, reddish-cream stripes on his legs, underbelly, and tail, large, clumsy-looking, fluffy paws, a plumy, long, sleek, well-kept, fluffy tail, large, pointed, tufted ears, long, well-muscled legs, long, sharp claws and fangs, and bright, shining, dark orange-red eyes flecked with pale yellow that seem to contain an eternal flame. Redhawk and Wishingdream's son. Creamfrost, Flamingsecret, Blazingpaw, and Rosepool's brother. Neutral. Slain during the rebellion. (Luna)

Dustfoot - Big, long-haired, thick-pelted, dusty, muscular, strong, swift, fast-thinking, very smart, mean, aggressive, slightly dark-spirited, very dark brown tabby tom with light brown paws, chest, muzzle, ear tips, underbelly, tail tip, and rings around his ears, and dull, mean, cold, murky, dark green eyes flecked with dusty-brown. Dewfeather's mate. Shiningcloud, Muddystorm, Moorheart, Kokorokit, and Kisekikit's father. Heatflame's best friend. Follows Iceblaze, but would turn if the other side benefited him more. Slain by Lilacpool. (Luna)

Splashwing - Handsome, likable, funny, a bit flirtatious, yet he can be serious, blue-gray and white tom with a silver patch on his flank shaped strangely like a wing, and pale blue eyes. Not really in favor of a rebellion, but stays away from Iceblaze. Thinks love is love and will flirt with cats of all genders. Slain during the rebellion. (Luna)

Dapplemist - Delicate, shy, timid, skittish, frightened, long-limbed, tiny, motherly, loving, adorable, soft-furred, long-haired, dark tortoiseshell she-cat with silver, dark gray, and white patches, and pale, light misty-blue eyes. Loves kits. Dislikes the idea of a violent rebellion, but is against Iceblaze. Slain during the rebellion. (Luna)

Muddystorm - Strikingly handsome, big, mean, aggressive, easily made mad, fast, muscular, slightly bloodthirsty, strong, power-hungry, ambitious, dark brown tabby tom with silvery-brown tips of his fur, muzzle, tail tip, underbelly, paws, rings around his eyes, ear tips, and chest, and dark, murky green eyes flecked with murky, dark blue. Dustfoot and Dewfeather's son. Moorheart, Shiningcloud, Kokoropaw, and Kisekipaw's brother. Wants to overthrow Iceblaze in an attempt to get his position, and sucks up to him. Slain by Lilacpool(blaze). (Luna)

Heatflame - Muscular, very strong, husky, buff, very big, fast-thinking, clever, ambitious, disloyal, untrustworthy, slightly uncaring, cynical, bold, proud, long-fanged and clawed, strikingly handsome, dark ginger tom with reddish-ginger flame-shaped splotches scattered randomly across his pelt, a scar on his neck, noticeably shredded ears, and dark orange eyes flecked with flame-red that seem to contain flames inside of them all the time. Lilacblaze and Redhawk's brother. Dustfoot's best friend. Could care less about Iceblaze, as he's not a major target, but doesn't believe in the rebellion. Slain by Lilacpool(blaze). (Luna)


Regular Clan Life;

Lightsong purred at she watched the last of the weaklings born before the rebellion be named trainees. We are the Achromatic System 13:23, May 29, 2017 (UTC)

Mallowfur sulked just outside the nursery, making sure Echokit and Fangkit weren't hurting each other while playing. He hated that he was expecting kits.

All because that foxheart wanted to have his way with me, he thought angrily, tail lashing. He kept calling me a pretty she-cat too. I'm going to claw his eyes out the next time I see him. We are the Achromatic System 16:00, May 31, 2017 (UTC)

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