Bluebell is a young, undersized, thin, shy, nervous, klutzy, soft-furred light blue-gray she-cat with a faint white mass of stripes on her back, small, pale blue flowers on the tips of her ears, tail, and nose, small vines falling randomly on her pelt, flower petals scattered through her fur, and pale blue eyes, one of them more green than the other.

She is a cat who has been altered at the Laboratory, and posseses the DNA of a Bluebell flower, giving her, her name.


Bluebell was born named Blue, with her father unknown. Her mother's name was Julie, and she died when Blue was little.

Blue was later taken to the Laboratory by Frank, a scientist who works there. She has a close relationship with him.

She later was altered to have the DNA of a bluebell flower, and Frank named her Bluebell. Flowers and vines later started to sprout on her.

She tries to comfort Prudence when she is feeling lonely.

Bluebell tries to help Sun escape when her owner, Janie tries to inject her with dog DNA.

She falls asleep near Frank when he does.

Bluebell later welcomes Morrigan and Lilith when they arrive at the Laboratory.


Bluebell is a shy and nervous cat, always fidgeting and looking around like something is going to hurt her. She doesn't have trust in a lot of the cats there, and she is afraid of getting hurt.

She is a klutz, and usually trips over her own paws and other things.


  • Frank wants to adopt her.


BluebellBluebell in real life.


The DNA she is infused with, the Bluebell flower. These flowers also sprout on her tail, ears and nose, sometimes her claws, and the petals and stems flow through her pelt.

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