Bluewing is a small pale blue she-cat with gray tabby patches and unusual wings.


Bluekit was born to Icefeather and Wispfire . She had wings at birth, but nobody knows why.

The truth is, she and Skyshine were meant to have wings, and they will save the clan from the doom TawnyClan will bring after DarknessClan is defeated.

She once got out of the nursery when she became 5 moons old, on a cold, breezy day, and the breezes suddenly turned into a strong gust of wind. It blew her high into the sky, and the coldness made her legs and wings numb.

She couldn't move! She cried out for help, and Skyshine took of into the sky and carefully brought her down, where Icefeather scolded her angrily.

Her mentor is now Skyshine.

She was later named Bluewing, and became mates with Lemonheart, a former rogue.

She also later joined CloudClan.

She later has her kits, named Windlion, Iceshine, and Thrusheyes.

When the second generation prophecy cats come to get help from CloudClan, she and her kits assist them.


  • Skyshine can fly a lot higher than her, unless she helps Bluewing go higher.
  • Bluewing has strong paws.
  • Her mother doesn't want Bluewing to have wings.
  • Her father Wispfire hates her.
  • Bluewing wishes that Skyshine was her real mother.
  • Bluewing wishes that Wispfire was never Icefeather's mate, and also wishes she could have Darkgaze as her father.

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