Bramblethorn is a broad-shouldered, muscular, handsome, slender, fluffy, thick-pelted, long-haured, gentle, long-legged dark brown tabby tom with a tufty-furred tail, dark ginger paws with white fur near the claws, a small white dab on his nose, and dark, soft, calm, gentle, ambery-brown eyes with faint speckles of blue.

He is a cat who has been altered at the Laboratory. He possesses DNA from Squireldawn, another cat there.


Bramblekit is born in DawnClan to Dovesong and an unknown father (later revealed to be Stonestep) with eight siblings: Peachkit, Magpiekit, Daisykit, Badgerkit, Mousekit, Redkit, Songkit, and Minnowkit.

He is later apprenticed to Briarshade.

He and his siblings are made into warriors: Peachblossom, Magpieflight, Redsquirrel, Bramblethorn, Badgerfang, Songdance, Mouseheart, and Minnowstream.

He develops a crush on Dawnpoppy.

He asks Dawnpoppy if she would be his mate. She accepts.

Later, Flarepaw is placed under control of The Dark Forest. Peachfur was the first one who noticed it, and went to The Dark Forest, with Bramblethorn and Dawnpoppy following.

Peachfur later kills Bramblethorn when he decides to sacrifice himself for Flarepaw.

He later excapes from the Dark Forest with Runningstar's help. As thanks, he brings Runningstar out of the Dark Forest after she was trapped there.

Meanwhile, he is carelessly buried in the forest, and no more than an hour after the burial, Blase, a scientist at the Laboratory, finds him and takes him to the lab. Also during that time, Dawnpoppy gives birth to his kits: Tulipkit, Thornkit, Bramblekit, and Sakurakit.

He is injected with the DNA of Squirrel, a cat who was waiting to be altered. With her DNA, he is revived.

He later comforts Prudence when she is lonely.


Though he may look tough and intimidating, Bramblethorn is a sweet, caring cat who would do anything to get back to Dawnpoppy.


  • He will make an escape to DawnClan
  • He loved Dawnpoppy since he was an apprentice

Character Pixels


Real Life Image

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