"I never doubted you for a second." ~Fuzz of LimeClan


Bravekit was born with no other siblings, her mother and father being Heartfur and Jackaltail. She became an apprentice and shared nests with Maplepaw. the two became good friends. Soon enough, they both became warriors. Bravepaw was Braveheart and Maplepaw was Maplefur. They became mates ad had two kits, Lightkit and Ghostkit. They became apprentices as Braveheart was made the next deputy. She talked to Maplefur and pleaded him and the kits to come live a new life in her own Clan. He agreed and Braveheart stepped down, and told another cat to tell the clan that they were out on a patrol all at once and got eaten by a badger when they traveled outside of the territory chasing a kittypet. Braveheart became Bravestar, Maplefur her deputy. Lightpaw became the MCA and Ghostpaw died along the journey to find their new home. Maplefur died to drowning while trying to fish. She served CoraggiosoClan before she died.


  • Bravestar loved Maplefur when she first laid eyes on him as a kit.
  • Bravestar had an emotional and mental breakdown when Maplefur died.
  • Ghostkit wasn't Maplefur's--he was Fuzz's(LimeClan)

Family members

Mother: Heartfur, deceased, verified StarClan member.

Father: Jackaltail, deceased, verified StarClan member.

Brother: Kinkkit, deceased, verified StarClan member.

Sister: Yewkit, deceased, verified StarClan member.

Mate: Maplefur, deceased, verified StarClan member.

Kits: Ghostpaw, deceased, verified StarClan member.                                                                                                 Lightpath, living, CoraggiosoClan member.

Trivia 2

  • Bravestar loved Maplefur the moment she laid eyes on him as a kit.
  • Bravestar had an emotional and mental breakdown wwhen Maplefur died.
  • Ghostkit wasn't Maplefur's--he was Fuzz's(LimeClan)
  • She has another litter of kits in another Clan.
  • She had siblings--she just watched them die as she prentended to play with them as she clawed and bit at her brother and sister. 
  • She kept it a seceret that she killed her siblings--and still does.


"Why is The Forest of Demons bringing this hell to us....." ~Bravestar to ???

"But nothing. If you knew, why did it happen? Hm!?" ~Bravestar to Lightpaw, regarding courtship to Gorse(paw)

Roleplayed By......

Troutiee. Known as Trout or Troutie. Troutie - Your neighborhood-friendly derp. (talk) 23:36, November 22, 2014 (UTC)

Real life Image/Picture

This is Bravestar.




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