Since Meadow and I, Cotton, made the plot of Tomwhisker(star) and Limesplash so long, it's been in several places and sights, so we both decided it was time we made this page so we and all of you could find and read the whole story. So, here it is in order! (This gets a little confusing, so somethings might be in different parts and scattered everywhere) Apparently Meadow and I were writing in Braile upside down in Madrain with gang symbols and in riddles.

1. BriarClan/ Archive 1

2. RainbowClan Guerrilla War/Archive 1

3. Between BriarClan and FoxClan

4. FoxClan/ Archive 1

4 1/2. The Blazers/ Archive 1

5. FoxClan/ Archive 2

5 1/2. The Blazers/Archive 2

6. FoxClan/ Archive 3

6 1/2. The Blazers/Archive 3

(The next two links have different stories FoxClan has the right one.)

7. Extra Roleplay

8. FoxClan/Archive 4

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