Briarshade is Roleplayed by Xain


Briarshade is a brown tabby she-cat with pale green eyes, and a warrior of HeatherClan she is clever, manipulative, and will do anything to become leader.

Pre-Roleplay History

Briarshade was born to two unknown HeatherClan cats during leaf-bare in the midst of a snow storm. Her other two litter mates both died two days after their birth and Briarshade was predicted to die soon after. But she fortunately regained her strength and health and soon passed up the older kits. She was apprenticed to an unknown cat and seven moons after, passed her warrior assessment before her older fellow apprentices could. She took the name Briarshade making the apprentices jealous and envious. A moon later while she sat and ate her fresh kill, a few apprentices padded over and began harassing her, taunting her for having a rogue father, and calling her "Dirt-Blood" the name for a cat who has a rogue/loner parent. Luckily, Rabbitleap another warrior, intervenes and stands up for Briarshade. Since then, Briarshade and Rabbitleap have been in love, until Rabbitleap died in a battle with StoneClan.


  • Briarshade is not evil, she is just bitter and angry towards StarClan for taking Rabbitleap and her littermates from her.
  • Xain might kill her off in order to make a new "official" plot in HeatherClan.

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