Brigid is a fluffy, bright-minded, intelligent, odd, slender, long-haired, silky-furred, spazzy, hyper, helpful, quite curious, clever, interested, long-limbed, cheerful, funny, thick-pelted, soft-furred, gentle, helpful, happy-go-lucky, easily freaked-out, dramatic, bright ginger she-cat with a few faded tabby stripes, softer-furred white paws, messy, ruffled fur, darker brindle stripes on her legs, especially prominent on her hind legs, a long, sweeping, fluffier, plumy, softer, sweeping, huge, fox-like tail with a pale silvery-gray tip, and bright, soft, pupilless (yet not blind), shimmering, intense, radiant, glowing, ocean-blue eyes the same shade as Kate's.

She is a member of the Organization.

She is a member of the 4th Generation Prophecy. Her abilities are to memorize anything she sees or hears, to control emotions, and she can turn invisible if she concentrates as hard as she can. It is also thought that she can predict when things are going to happen, and this is true; however, it is very weak, more like an abnormally sharp sixth sense than a power.


Brigid is born to Kiri and Beryl of the Organization with three siblings, Xia, Leon, and Cloud, and four half-siblings (due to Thistleclaw raping Kiri), named Kisshu, Whisper, Stone, and Fog.

She opens her eyes very shortly after birth, revealing pupilless blue irises. Kiri is stunned by this, thinking at first that Brigid is blind.

Brigid soon shows that she is not blind by walking over to where Phoenixfeather was about to set up a barrier. She didn't trust her sense of smell; she trusted her sight.

Brigid is later fascinated by Kate's air abilities and Alex's fire abilities.

She and Xia later voulenteer to go to The Pure Ones to rescue Platinum.

She later feels afraid about what will happen to Richtofen.

She is made an apprentice of the Organization. Her mentor is Kahen.

She is made a warrior of the Organization.

She is later raped by Scartail and gives birth to two kits, a tom named Thrush and a she-cat named Chloe.


Brigid is not what you could call normal. She has extreme personality mood swings, swotching from spazzy, dramatic, and hyper to quiet, distant, and even aloof.

No matter what, she always has a thirst for knowledge, just like her sister, Xia.

She, like her mother, does not react very well to shock and to her fears. She will often collapse or pass out because of that.



Scartail (formerly) ~ Living


Chloe ~ Daughter; living

Thrush ~ Son; living Mother;

Kiri ~ Living


Beryl ~ Living


Xia ~ Living


Leon ~ Living

Cloud ~ Living


Whisper ~ Living


Kisshu ~ Living

Stone ~ Living

Fog ~ Living


Kagura ~ Living

Maxie ~ Living


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Real Life Image;


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