Brindleseed is an elegant, beautiful, striking, intelligent, pale silver tabby and pale brown tabby she-cat with white paws, chest, underbelly, muzzle, ear tips, and tail tip, thin black brindle stripes and spots scattered through her fur, and intense, sparkling, pretty, radiant green eyes with dark, smoky blue flecks like seeds.

She is the medicine cat of ForestClan.


Brindle is born to two unknown loners with no siblings during a bitterly cold leaf-bare.

As soon as she is weaned, her father left her and her mother died of hypothermia.

Brindle later discovers ForestClan and is named their medicine cat apprentice, Brindlepaw, as she was six moons old at that time.

She recieves her full name, Brindleseed.

Her mentor, Allochthonousfang, later dies of old age, leaving her the single medicine cat.

She takes on her first apprentice, Ivypaw.

She later speaks with Leafstar to see if she could make another cat, Wishingkit, her apprentice. The two cats speak with StarClan about it, and they allow her to take on a second apprentice.

Wishingkit is later named Wishingpaw and becomes the second MCA.

She later treats Longwhisker after he breaks his leg, though she couldn't fix it, and she was later shown treating Crookedtail after he is attacked by a rogue.

She seems to harbor a crush on Longwhisker, but she thinks that they can never be together.


Brindleseed is a sweet, caring she-cat who would do anything to help her Clan. She cares deeply about her Clanmates, and she often wonders what would happen if she didn't join ForestClan.

However, because she never knew her parents, she can often be found crying in her den at night because she never knew them.



Unnamed she-cat; Deceaced; residence unknown


Unnamed tom; Living; current whereabouts unknown


  • She and Longwhisker will become mates
  • She wishes that she knew her parents


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