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Current: StagClan
Past: None
Rank: Leader


Kinkfeather (mother)

Rabbitclaw (father)

Raingaze (sister)

Mousethunder (mate)

Mentor: Sagefire
Apprentices: Lichenfern
Roleplay Info
Status: Alive
Roleplayed by: Dovesong

Bumblestar is a grey and black tabby with a white dash on his chest and green eyes. He is the StagClan leader.


Bumblekit is born to Kinkfeather and Rabbitclaw in StagClan with one sister, Rainkit. As kits, Bumblekit and Rainkit always got in trouble with, well pretty much every cat. Their parents never really punished them severely, just gave them a scolding whenever a warrior complained.

But tragety struck when they were three moons old. Rabbitclaw and Kinkfeather were killed during a DuskClan attack. Bumblekit and Rainkit were then taken in by another queen, Eversong, who died shortly after they were apprenticed.

At six moons, they were made apprentices: Bumblepaw and Rainpaw. Bumblepaw's mentor ended up being Sagefire, while Rainpaw got his sister Mintclaw.

The two of them were trained well and became Bumbleshade and Raingaze.

Raingaze reveiled to Bumbleshade that she was expecting Sagefire's kits, who had died a half-moon ago.

Bumbleshade finds that he loves a young warrior named Mousethunder, but she was in love with Hollowleap.

Raingaze died during the kitting, naming her kits Waspkit and Lichenkit with her last breath. They were taken care of by Mousethunder, who had moved into the nursery with Hollowleap's only kit, Gorsekit.

Bumbleshade was so upset about his sister's death that he tried to kill himself. His plan was going successfully until the spirit of Raingaze appeared to him, telling him that he will be leader one day unless he goes through with his plan. He decides not to kill himself.

He receives his first apprentice, Lichenpaw. He trains her well and she becomes a warrior named Lichenfern.

When the leader Mossstar died of greencough, her deputy Eaglefall becomes Eaglestar and appoints Bumbleshade as deputy.

When Eaglestar dies, Bumbleshade becomes Bumblestar and makes Dawnwhisper the deputy.

He later revealed to Mousethunder that he loved her. Mousethunder says that she loves him too. The two become mates and have six kits, Burningkit, Poppykit, Willowkit, Tanglekit, Pinekit, and Graykit.

His kits are apprenticed and are soon made warriors: Burningflare, Poppydust, Willowmist, Tanglethron, Pineflower, and Graysplash.

When Dawnwhisper goes off to steal DawnClan prey, Bumblestar tries to stop her, but fails.

He and Mousethunder are later killed in a battle against DawnClan.

Nine Lives;

  1. Kinkfeather ~ Honesty
  2. Rabbitclaw ~ Spirit
  3. Mossstar ~ Energy
  4. Eaglestar ~ Patience
  5. Stag (founder) ~ Enthusiasm
  6. Sagefire ~ Initiative
  7. Mintclaw ~ Intelligence
  8. Eversong ~ Love
  9. Raingaze ~ Willfulness


  • He loved Mousethunder from when he was a kit
  • Raingaze and Bumblestar were very close to each other

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