Cat created by Cotton for SageClan


Burningstar is a black she-cat with rings of tan, light orange, and dark orange on her paws, tail tip, face, and ears and striking orange eyes.


Burningstar was born as Burninglight to two unknown rouges and whether she has siblings or not is unknown. Burningstar is first seen in roleplay as an unknown she-cat in SageClan, right after Sagestar is exiled from her own Clan by Fawnfur. Burningstar, known only as the she-cat at the time, pads into the camp taunting SageClan about how many cats it has. After being greeted by Jaguarkit, she snarls at her and tells the Clan that they are weak and that she should be leader. Hazelbreeze denies it and says that Fawnfur should be leader. Fawnfur looks at the ground and tells the Clan that she is actually expecting kits. Burningstar smiles and asks if anyone else has objections. When no one answers, she tells them that her name is Burninglight, but that they should call her Burningstar.


Snobby, rude, harsh, evil, cruel.


Coming soon.


Coming soon.


  • Burningstar plays a big part in the SageClan/FoxClan plot.

Cotton's Favorite Burningstar Roleplays:

"Oh! Wow. So many cats." She gasped, then laughed to herself. -Burningstar's very first lines in roleplay (SageClan)

"Pity," The she-cat said, giving an obviously fake frown. -Burningstar when Fawnfur says she is pregnant.


None yet.

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