Carnage is a wandering rogue that is feared especially by IslandClan.


He is a jet black, short-haired tom with ghostly leaf green eyes. On his right shoulder is a red mark that seems to resemble a flame. His pelt is usually mangled and tattered, but has been spotted as neat as well.


He lives only in rumors, and is said to be fiercesome, ruthless, and cut-throat. Because of this, Mountainstar fears him greatly.


He has only been mentioned by Mountainstar, who thought of him wondering around IslandClan's lands. It is shown that he is feared by many. 

His son, Acidkit, currently resides in Aligned Kit Adoption. It is assumed that either Carnage left his son and his mate after the fallout, or died during it. 


Carnage is said to possess mystic powers, and some doubt that he is even a living cat. These abilities are still unknown, however.


Mates: Two unknown she-cats

Sons: Acidkit, Pingukit.

Real Life Images



Carnage's alignment is chaotic evil.

His theme song is "Dead Bite" by Hollywood Undead.