Cedarclaw is a muscular, small, long-haired, thick-furred, long-legged, devious, agressive, bright-minded, soft-furred light brown tabby tom with darker, scattered mottled patches, some scattered black stripes, scattered white patches, large white paws, a white tail-tip, ear-tips, and soft, pale blue eyes.

He is a warrior of SparkClan.

He is also a member of the prophecy; "The hazel heart and the cedar claw shall bring peace to the bright sparks.", along with his sister, Hazelheart.

His abilites are to predict an enemy's movement in battle, heightened endurance and pain resistance, and minor control of the winds. When he uses his power, his bloodlust increases significantly, and he will kill anyone who gets in his way.


Cedarclaw was born to Cirruscloud and Lostheart, with a single sibling, Hazelkit.

Suddenspark and Fawncall were there after he was born to check on them, to make sure they were safe. Suddenspark got their prophecy after that, and only Fawncall knows about it, other than Suddenspark.

He is later being watched by the medicine cat apprentice him and his sister play in the weak winter sun.

He and his sister eventually become apprentices, his mentor being the young warrior Snowowl. The two seem to establish a close bond in a short period of time.

Cedarpaw eventually becomes a warrior, Cedarclaw. Snowowl congratulates him, and the two go out for a walk afterwards.


  • Him and his sister's prophecy's meaning is yet unknown.
  • He will eventually be mates with Snowowl.

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