Charlie is a blueish tom with pale green. He is a counselor of Warrior Camp and is roleplayed by Wild.


Charlie has a competitive, loyal spirit. He is not afraid to enforce force on people when they are being bad.


Charlie has mentioned that his first time at Camp Cory was when he was 15 moons, and he was an LIT. At that time, he made good friends with Duncan and Greg.

He was first seen at the Battle for the Forest 2, fighting The Dark Forest. Charlie helped out Greg when he accidently sealed Casey's evil form.

He will gain a more important role later on.


Greg- He and Greg have one of the biggest bro friendships in the wiki. Greg broke down when Charlie revealed he was leaving for a year to go to a Training Camp.

Duncan- He also had a friendship with Duncan, as they are often seen sailing together.

Casey- Casey had a great relationship with Charlie, and seemed noticibly upset when Charlie revealed that he was leaving for a year for a training camp. He is like one of those friends you can spill everything to, and they'll just listen, not judge you, and comfort you when something bad happens.

Nick- Charlie participated in many of Nick's D&D sessions, and was mentioned to have a Warrior named Sleet.


Charlie's theme song is

Like many others in Warrior Camp, Charlie is based off a counselor Wild actually met and befriended.

Real Life Image


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