Dear fellow WCRW users:

Hello! It’s me, Wisteria Dusk, one of the Wiki’s admins. I hope you’re having a wonderful day. The meaning of this page is to be able to dedicate one of the year’s many days to our wonderful Chat page. But why, though? Well, Meadowwind5 (who is another great admin and a dear friend of mine) and I noticed how empty this Wiki’s Chat page is.

Back in my early WCRW user days, Chat was a place full of friendly people and interesting topics everybody could talk about. We formed a great conversation on anything. From simple things like how school was, to deep ideas. We even shared small DIY projects and played games like the famous  ‘Would you Rather’ or ‘Never have I ever’! Of course, we also talked about roleplay and such from time to time. J I probably wouldn't be wrong if I said that everybody felt relieved when they saw those familiar user icons listed below the white letters that spelled out ‘Live! Chat’. I remember racing towards the joining button in order to warmly greet my pals, only to be reunited with them once again. One day, everyone stopped showing up. Normally, I thought that was temporary and guessed they were busy with school and all of that. Sure, people I knew came in for short periods of time and left, but their visiting soon were reduced to nothing. New users didn’t pass by to even say hello, and when they did, it was just for a brief moment to ask something before vanishing off. The only people that stood tall when all of this happened were Meadowwind5, Hollystar1, and I.

But today, Meadowwind5 and I met and agreed on something that might just bring back the good old times, at least for a day. We agreed to make a Chat Day, where we would all come to Chat and meet once again! It would be one of the best surprises to see everybody hanging out together like we used to. And even if you’re new here, why not drop by and get to know us? We’d be more than happy to make a new friend :D

I think we still need a few more Admin approvals before this can happen, though. And as for the actual day, we still haven’t decided. But I’ll let you all know when we pick it! (If it gets approved, of course)                                                                                                  -Wisteria Dusk

Just leave me your stardust to remember you by... 01:59, May 16, 2016 (UTC)

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