Cherryflower is a tortioseshell she-cat with a white chest and underbelly, some reddish-brown patches, a cream patch over her right eye, and sparkling green eyes.

She is the current Medicine Cat of DawnClan, ever since Dapplepatch was forced to retire. However, Cherryflower always comes to Dapplepatch for help, and even allows Dapplepatch to help cats in the Medicine Den.


Cherryflower was born a rogue to Light and Gravel. However, she never met her father.

Upon her 2nd moon of life, she was introduced to DawnClan. She and her silbings all recieved their first clan names: Cherrykit, Tigerkit, and Frostkit.

One day, on the day of Cherrykit's 6th moon, Irisstar and Smoketail died, so Dapplepatch and Birdwing went to the Crystal Pool. However, Dapplepatch forgot to put extra cobwebs on Icefeather's horrible leg wound and it opened up again. Cherrykit hussled in to see Icefeather getting weaker. Nobody knew what to do! Just then, remembering watching Dapplepatch heal Icefeather earlier, she patted cobwebs on the ice-blue she-cat's legs. Icefeather felt stronger very quickly! Everyone was relieved.

When Dapplepatch came back with Birdstar, Everyone crowded around the two and told them about Cherrykit.

Then, Birdstar made her Cherrypaw, the Medicine Cat Apprentice.

Several days later, she and Dapplepatch went on a walk. A badger attacked all of a sudden, crushing Dapplepatch's leg. Luckily, it healed fast as Cherryflower helped her. However, it still was slightly crushed afterwards.

She interprets many prophecies all leading up to one HUGE one.

During the Greatest Battle of All Time, she is severely injured, and CloudClan medicine cat, Sleekwing, helps her heal. Dapplepatch is attacked, as well as Taffy, and stop breathing momentarily. Everyone thought they were dead, but Dapplepatch, though damaged beyond repair, begins breathing miraculously.

Firemoon dies having her kits, and Cherryflower starts crying because she couldn't save her. Shadekit and Cherryflower somewhat have an instant connection as great as StarClan, hinting Shadekit becoming a medicine cat.

As the battle rages, for over 6 moons, Shadekit asks Cherryflower if she can be Medicine Cat. At first, Cherryflower refuses.

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