Cherrysplash is a witty, slender, fluffy, long-haired, gentle, long-legged, silky-furred, happy-go-lucky, intelligent, thick-pelted, muscular, yet delicate, fine-boned, broad-shouldered, dappled, elegant, beautiful, silver tabby, brown tabby, blue-gray tabby, and tortoiseshell she-cat with fluffier white paws, a tiny white dab on her muzzle, a long, fluffy, silky, feathery, bushy, plume-like tail with a tufted pink tip, large, soft, widely-spaced, pointed, well-tufted ears, and elegant, brilliant, knowing, pale, sharp, calm, gentle, intelligent, observant, beautiful, sparkling, shining, intense, leaf-green eyes.

She is an apprentice in DawnClan. Her mentor is Katnissrose.

She is a member of The 3rd Generation Prophecy. Her powers are to bend future events to her own will, to time travel, and she has telekenisis.


Cherrykit is born to Fushigiheart and Phantomsoul with three siblings: Aquakit, Whitekit, and Goldenkit. She is shown to be the smartest kit in the litter.

She later introduces herself and her siblings to Miku, Hikari's kit.

She recieves her appretnice name. Her mentor becomes Katnissrose.


Cherrypaw is shown as intelligent, happy-go-lucky, and bright-minded. She is amazing when it comes to strategies, using her wits to find ways to sneak up on the enemy.

She is easily excited, yet tries to keep her energy contained and act professional.



Fushigiheart - Living


Phantomsoul - Living, member of WingClan


Aquapaw - Living, member of WingClan

Whitepaw - Living

Goldenpaw - Living, member of WingClan


Cloudchase - Living, member of CloudClan

Puresoul - Living, member of WingClan


Tigerstrike - Living, member of MysticClan

Smallspider - Living, member of WingClan


Keimeiflight - Living

Senkoulight - Living

Tallowheart - Living, member of TimeClan

Opalshine - Living, member of WingClan


Hayaifeather - Living

Chiribirch - Living

Kuroblade - Living

Buckbeak - Living, member of PearlClan

Fangstorm - Living, member of TimeClan

Mottledfire - Living, member of WingClan


Hedwig/Owlpaw - Living, member of PearlClan

Lupin/Mooneyes - Living, member of PearlClan

Twisterpaw - Living

Cottonkit - Living

Nightningalepaw - Living, member of TimeClan

Stormpaw - Living, member of TimeClan


  • Her warrior name is Cherrysplash.
  • Her powers won't be revealed until her family's lives are endangered.

Character Pixels


"What's going on, mama?"
-Cherrykit to Fushigiheart Prophecy Roleplay

Real Life Image


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