Claisky is a calm, fluffy, soft-furred, dependent, clingy, long-limbed, shy, quiet, light blue tom with short, fluffy fur, and bright, blind, emerald-green eyes.

He is a member of SpellClan.

Though he is not a member of any prophecies, he is able to go to-and-from ghost form.

In the Human-Neko RPG, he is fourteen years old and has short, light blue hair that falls slightly in his eyes, and sightless emerald-green eyes.


Claikit's past before he was found and adopted by Gold is a mystery even to himself. It is rumored that he was the kit of a rogue and a ghost of GhostClan, but no one knows.

He becomes close friends with another kit, Twilikit, and their relationship is almost sibling-like.

He is later found wandering SpellClan territory and was found by Snowcloud, Petalhope, and Dewpaw, along with Twilikit. They are taken into SpellClan.

He is named an apprentice, and his mentor was Petalhope.

He begins to develop feelings for another apprentice, Trickpaw.

He is later named a warrior, Claisky.

He is also a member of the Human-Neko RPG.


Claisky is a shy, quiet cat unless he is with Trickspell.

He has a tendancy to be extremely clingy and dependent on others, even as a warrior. This could be because of his blindness and because of his past.

He also seems to be very possessive of Trickspell.


Adopted Sister;

Twilisun; Living.


  • He and Trickspell will become mates later on in roleplay.


Character Pixels;

Real Life Images;

Claisky ~ Cat Claisky

Claisky.human ~ Human Claisky

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