Creekstar is a brown tabby she-cat with a white underbelly. She is the current leader of SnowClan.


Creekkit, along with Jumpkit, and Carrotkit, are born to Hollyheart and Timbertail during a full moon. Shortly after, Hollyheart along with Jumpkit get sick and both die two moons later, this puts Timbertail into a temporary mute and suspends his warrior duties for the time. Six moons after they are born, Creekpaw and Carrottuft are apprenticed to Leopardtail and Amberstorm and become warriors fourteen moons after with the names: Creekwillow and Carrottuft after their warrior ceremony their father, Timbertail announces that he is retiring to the elders den, this angers Carrottuft and he runs away from the clan. Loudstar then sent out a patrol consisting of: Creekwillow, Amberstorm, Flamefoot, and Foxtaiil and they find Carrottuft sick outside of HeatherClan territory. The patrol brings him back and he is nursed back to health, but Foxtail dies of Greencough a moon later. Loudstar hen named Creekwillow deputy but he then resigns to the elders den two moons after which makes Creekwillow Creekstar. The current leader of SnowClan.

Nine Lives (In order)

(The lives mentioned in the RP are inaccurate)

Hollyheart - Gift of being a mother (Hinting that she may have kits)
Foxtail - Gift of Bravery
Cloudfire - Gift of Loyalty
Jumpkit - Gift of Independence
Barkclaw - Gift of Wisdom
Honeyleaf - Gift of Justice
Owlstar - Gift of Caring for her clan
Sunfern - Gift of peace
Snowstar (Founder of SnowClan) - Gift of Leadership


  • Creekstar had a crush on Loudstar when she was an apprentice.
  • Jumpkit did give Creekstar one of her nine lives
  • Tigerfoot is three moons old than Creekstar

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