You head into a cave and see apprentices, loners, warriors and rogues about. An orange tom with spiky fur and gray eyes pads up to you. "Greetings. I'm Crow, and I run this adoption center. When the kits from Leaf's adoption center grow up, I take them here," the tom greets.

This adoption center is owned by Phoenix. Do not edit unless you're striking out a cat you adopted.


~~March 23, 2011. Created!


  1. Do not ask to change the cats' names. If you don't like the name, make a cat of your own.
  2. Do not change the descriptions, even if you are an admin. It took me awhile to think of each name and pelt description, so it hurts me when people change it to their liking.
  3. Do not ask to change the cats' genders.
  4. If you want to split roleplay a cat, then ask them on their talk page, not on this one.
  5. Do not assume cats who want to be together are siblings or mates.
  6. Do not critize me on names. I choose the names of the cats here.
  7. This is not a place to abandon cats if you've given up hope on them ever being a leader/deputy/queen.
  8. Do not make their history as loners. The cats here were raised first in the Leaf Kit Adoption Center after being abandoned, then trained here.


  • means must be adopted with one other cat

@ means disabled

Striked out means adopted.

~ means special needs.

{means reserved

Adoption Center


Duskpaw: Black she-cat with dusky brown eyes. Thoughtful and patient.

Dustpaw: Pale brown she-cat with green eyes. Tends to be shy.

Rumorpaw: Gold tom with white swirls and blue eyes. Secretive, but helpful.

Navypaw: White tom with navy blue stripes and blue eyes. Cold and emotionless.

Armypaw: Tortoiseshell tom with green eyes. Quiet and sneaky.

  • Lovepaw: Pinkish-red she-cat with blue eyes. Peaceful and loving.
  • Crimsonpaw: Pale gray tom with blue eyes and red paws. Wise and strong.
  • Swordpaw: Pale gray tom with spiky fur and pale blue eyes, silver claws. Playful and sneaky.
  • Triopaw: Red, blue and yellow tom with onyx-black eyes. Often refers self in the third person.


Bridgestorm: Gold she-cat with blue eyes. Kind, but hot-tempered.

  • Kitestorm: Pale gray tom with blue eyes and turquoise markings. Helpful and calm.
  • Blackrose: Black and white she-cat with blue eyes. Wants to protect Kitestorm.
  • Spellheart: Brown she-cat with white stripes and blue eyes. Cheerful and kind.

Orcastorm: White tom with black and green splotches, gold eyes. Tough and brave.

  • Butterflyheart: White tom with with twinkling amber eyes and wing-like tufts of fur on back.In love with Yukiheart.
  • Yukiheart:Brown and white tabby she-cat with blue eyes.In love with Butterflyheart.
  • Pondripple: Blue-gray she-cat with darker ripples of fur and blue eyes. Calm and tranquil.

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