The Crystal Cave is at the bottom of Frost Mountain. Inside, there are crystals adorning the walls, so when the full moon shines through the hole in the top of the mountain, the cave is lit up, revealing a small forest inside the cave, with several small trees, several flowers and herbs. The leaders address the clans from the Moss Wall, a moss covered wall with a clump of rock sticking out.


Gathering 1;

StreamClan and RisingClan were among the first Clans to arrive at the Gathering. Sweetstar and Risingstar leapt onto the Moss Wall, dipping their heads in greeting to one another.

Meanwhile, Twilightspark had hobbled over to Dreampaw and Jasmineraven and was busy making conversation with the two of them.


Soon, BirdClan, ColorClan, CreekClan, FallenClan, ForestClan, FrostClan, MonochromeClan, SmokeClan, SpellClan, and SunsetClan all arrived. Wishstar shot a glare at Ironstar before striking up a conversation with Dapplestar and Leafstar. Ironstar was too busy talking with Lunarspell, Sweetstar, and Risingstar. Sootstar was expressing his worries about his Clan to Shadowstar, who was listening intently. Tabbystar just stared out into the crowd, while Sunsetstar and Smokestar were trying to think of things to talk about with her (and each other).

Meanwhile, an expectant Jayflight was talking with some of the other queens.

"I'm just... scared, I guess," she mewed, shifting around uncomfortably. "Frozenlight told me I'd be having an unusually large number of kits, and she's saying that they could come prematurely because there are so many of them."

Moonblaze replied, "I'm sure you'll be fine, Jayflight."

Robinbriar nodded, her demeanor unusually kind now that she was expecting kits.

"Worrying won't get you anywhere," added Eclipsesky, who had a similar issue.

Falconwater accidentally overhead the conversation. "Who's fathering your kits, Jayflight?" he asked, curious.

Jayflight looked away. "A-a rogue named Reynard..." she softly replied.

Falconwater froze with shock. HE'S gotten a hold on a CreekClan she-cat! he thought. That means HE'S possibly in our territory, since we're so close to CreekClan! I'll have to warn Sunsetstar when we go back!

As he finished his thought, HeartClan entered. "Are we late?" asked Heartstar, who led at least half of his likely exhausted Clan into the Crystal Cave.

Lunarspell shook his head. "Come on up..."

"Heartstar," finished the young pinkish-gray tabby tom as he scrambled up to the Moss Wall to join the others. "StarClan just named me leader of HeartClan."

"Congratulations, Heartstar!" mewed Dapplestar and Shadowstar in sync with each other. The other leaders congratulated him as well. Anidala and Leia x Han Shipper! c: 20:40, July 24, 2014 (UTC)

It wasn't long before MachineClan and DarknessClan entered the Cave, with Copperstar and Lizardstar refusing to have eye contact. We are the Achromatic System 23:41, April 11, 2015 (UTC)