Crystaldawn is a beautiful, slender ivory-white she-cat with pale silver, almost white, swirling stripes scattered randomly through out her pelt, pale ginger, almost white, paws, tail tip, fur above her nose, a few spots on her legs, underbelly, tail, and near her face, pale dawn purple-ginger, almost white, spots scattered randomly through out her pelt and pale blue eyes.

She is roleplayed by Aspen. She is a warrior in RavenClan.


Crystal is born to Emilie(mother) and Jett(father) as a kittypet with two siblings, Bousie and Jazzielynn. She is the youngest and the runt of the litter.

When Crystal is one month old, her brother, Bousie, gets taken to a new home with a young twoleg boy and his family.

Soon after, Jazzielynn is taken to a poor young woman, Hestia, and her daughter, Kiiraa's home.

When Crystal is three months old, she is adopted by a elderly, wealthy man and woman's home with her mother, Emilie. There, Crystal is pampered by servents.

Crystal mates with a random tom and is expecting his kits.

Bright(star) finds Crystal and her mother when Crystal is standing on her fence and Bright asks if Crystal would like to join her Clan. Crystal asks what a Clan is and Bright explains everything about the clans. Crystal agrees to join BrightClan as a queen because she wanted her kits to have fun and not be bored all day like Crystal is in her home.

Crystal receives the name Crystaldawn, her mother becomes Fadedsong, an elder and Crystaldawn has her kits. Gentlefawn and Memorydove, the BrightClan medicine cats, help her during her kitting.

Crystaldawn names her kits Snowkit, Ashkit, Mousekit, Wolfkit, and Deadkit. Gentlefawn gives a piece of her soul to Deadkit. He comes back to life and is renamed Crowkit.

Crystaldawn and Darkspirit talk about Darkspirit 'stalking' Ashkit.

Her kits become apprentices, Crowpaw, Ashpaw, Mousepaw, Snowpaw and Wolfpaw.

Crystaldawn is seen waiting for Darkspirit to finish checking the elders' for ticks so that they can go wash off in the stream together.

Crystaldawn leaves BrightClan with Brightstar(dream), Leopardstrike, Riversight, Gentlefawn and her kits.

She becomes a loner and eventually a warrior of RavenClan.


Crystaldawn is a sweet, smart, talented, jumpy, reckless, daring, protective, caring, and gentle.

She cares deeply about kits, and would rather die then see them hurt.



Fadedsong - Deceased, Residence Unknown


Jett - Residence Unknown


Jazzielynn - Residence Unknown


Bousie - Residence Unknown


Mousepaw - Deceased

Snowpaw - Deceased


Crowflame - Alive, RavenClan

Ashwolf - Alive, RavenClan

Wolfstorm - Alive, RavenClan




  • She will eventually find a new mate.

Real Life Image:

Aa Crystaldawn

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