You enter a cave surrounded by daisies and see a yellowish-ginger she-cat scolding a mad pinkish-cream apprentice. The ginger she-cat sees you and walks over to you.

"Hello I am Memoryshine. When the kits from either Tabby Kit Adoption, run by my parents Tabbyfrost and Brownflare, or Aspen Kit Adoption, run by my brother Lightclaw, reach six moons, I take them here. These warriors and apprentices need Clans," the she-kit purrs.

(Please ask to adopt one of these cats on this page's talk page. This adoption page belongs to Leia/Darth Luna)

Means that they are already adopted

  • Means that they are siblings. The cats must be adopted together.

~ Means that the cats have to be adopted together and are not siblings.

^ Means that the cat is disabled in some way.

@ Means that the cat has some sort of odd power.


Thunderclaw - Big, muscular, wise, good natured, nice, a gentleman, strong, swift, very loyal, dark golden-brown tabby tom with pale golden-brown tabby paws, underbelly, chest, splotches, and the underside of his tail, and bold, intense, dark green eyes flecked with yellow.

  • Duskthorn - Big, swift, fast, bold, proud, flirty, strikingly handsome, fiery-natured, unloyal, smoky gray, almost black, tom with black splotches scattered across his pelt, black paws, chest, stripes on his legs, the underside of his tail, and underbelly, and dark greenish-brown eyes. Dawnstream's brother.
  • Dawnstream - Delicate, small, pretty, loyal, shy, calm, modest, creamy-brown tabby she-cat with white paws, chest, stripes on her legs, underbelly, and tail, and strikingly beautiful bright violet eyes rimmed and flecked with pale pink. Duskthorn's sister.





@ Whisperpaw - Small, shy, quiet, lonely, mottled cream-colored, pale brown, white, pale gray, pale golden, and pale ginger tom with black ears, paws, chest, underbelly, and muzzle, and mottled pale blue, pale green and pale amber eyes flecked with black. Keeps away from the other cats and stays alone. Can manipulate sounds of any kind.

  • Springpaw - Funny, cute, bubbly, happy, swift, strong, slightly muscular, fluffy, silky-furred, fleet, pale silver tabby she-cat with a white plumy, fluffy, long tail, darker ear tips, tail tip, and muzzle, a strikingly very pale pink nose, and pale yellow eyes flecked with dark brown.
  • Coldpaw - Big, aggressive, mean, evil, muscular, strong, fast, troublemaking, pale gray tom with lighter paws, stripes shaped like lightning bolts, underbelly, muzzle, chest, and ears, and cold, strong, mean, pale amber eyes flecked with pale green.

Rosepaw - Defiant, snarky, sharp-tongued, mouthy, often disrespectful, dark pinkish-cream she-cat with one white paw,



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