Darkpelt is an unusually small, long-haired, slender, slightly muscular, very fluffy, thick-pelted, soft-furred, long-limbed, broad-shouldered, handsome, black tom with lighter fur toward his claws, a light blue flash on his forehead, one white paw with darker fur near the claws, black claws on all of his paws except for the white one, dark blue claws on the white paw, and clear, dark, shiny blue eyes that emanate very faint, unusual trails of blue-black flames.

He is a warrior of LeapClan, and the former mentor to Whitewillow and current mentor to Starpaw.

He is a member of The 3rd Generation Prophecy. His powers are to create and control darkness (to a similar degree of Kuroblade), to create illusions of darkness, and to turn himself and others invisible.


Darkkit is born to Starleap (then Starfire) and an unknown tom (most likely a rogue) with a single sister, Spottedkit.

He is the first one to open his eyes, with Spottedkit following.

He is made into an apprentice, Darkpaw. His mentor is Whiteleap, LeapClan's current leader.

On Whiteleap's dying breath, he names Starfire the deputy (since the old deputy had been killed by a monster) and Darkpaw and Spottedpaw warriors, named Darkpelt and Spottedstripe.

He is the first to greet Starleap and Spottedface on their return from The Crystal Pool.

He is later given Whitepaw, one of his former fellow apprentices that was a couple of moons younger than he was, to mentor after her mentor said that they couldn't train her anymore. He falls in love with the young she-cat, and his love for her strengthens when she is named Whitewillow.

When Whitewillow askes him if he would like to be her mate, he accepts with joy.

Whitewillow is later expecting his kits.

When his kits are born, they are named Swallowkit, Thistlekit, and Flamekit.

His kits are apprenticed.

His kits are made warriors, and Whitewillow reveals that she is expecting another litter.

After Whitewillow's kitting, he names the single kit Sailkit.

During the Greatest Battle, his mother Starleap is controlled by Snow. When she attacks near the nursery, she is killed by some of the queens that didn't know that she was controlled.

He is later shown speaking to Phoenixfeather, Smokemist, and Cherryfur about what happened.

When the battle is over, he returns to LeapClan carrying Starleap's body with Spottedstripe's help.

He later discovers that he must go find a group of cats in a prophecy with him. He goes and meets Inkheart first, and later meets the others.

He seems to like Inkheart, and she likes him back.

After the prophecy, he returns to LeapClan.

Whitewillow is later murdered by Mistfang in her sleep. Darkpelt is grief-stricken, as she had just given birth to another litter of kits, which he named Inkkit, Faithkit, and Hopekit. Spottedstripe, whose only kit had just been named an apprentice, decided to stay in the nursery and care for them.

He becomes the mentor of his niece, Starpaw, who happens to be Starleap's reincarnation. He is unaware of this, however, and it is not likely that he will ever learn.


Toward enemies, Darkpelt can only be described as aggressive, cold, tricky, and quick.

But toward his friends, he is calm, relaxed, friendly, and forgiving.

Since the death of his mother and the murder of his mate, he hs become very depressed, and only Spottedstripe seems to, if temporarily, lift him out of his depression.



Whitewillow - Deceaced, suspected StarClan member.


Swallowtalon - Daughter; living, LeapClan warrior.
Thistleheart - Son; living, LeapClan warrior.
Flamewatcher - Son; living, LeapClan warrior.
Sailstream - Son; living, LeapClan warrior.
Inkkit - Daughter; living, LeapClan kit.
Faithkit - Son; living, LeapClan kit.
Hopekit - Son; living, LeapClan kit.


Starleap - Deceaced, verified StarClan member, reincarnated as Starpaw.


Spottedstripe - Living, LeapClan queen.


Starpaw - Living, LeapClan apprentice.


Feathercinder - Living, RockClan warrior.


Hollyberry - Living, RockClan warrior.
Thunderstrike - Living, RockClan warrior.
Gorseslash - Living, RockClan warrior.
Rainshadow - Living, RockClan warrior.
Shimmerpool - Living, RockClan warrior.
Dusklily - Living, RockClan warrior.
Lightningscar - Living, RockClan warrior.
Dawnpebble - Living, RockClan warrior.
Splashberry - Living, RockClan warrior.
Cloudsoul - Living, RockClan warrior.
Lioncloud - Living, RockClan warrior.
Kiichigopaw - Living, RockClan apprentice.
Enkoupaw - Living, RockClan apprentice.


  • He is half-Clan because his father was a rogue.
  • He has an aunt and cousins in RockClan.


Darkpelt.real ~ Real Life Image

Darkpelt wallpaper ~ Wallpaper, credit to Leafbreeze

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