Dawn is a big, muscular, witty, cocky, sharp-tounged, hot-headed, long-furred, slender dark brown she-cat with cream speckles, a tufted tail-tip, and amber eyes, sparkling with all the colors of the dawn.

She was the first leader of DawnClan, and now resides in StarClan.


Dawn was born to Lionblaze and Cinderheart, named Dawnkit, with a single brother, named Duskkit. She and her brother later got separated from their parents, and Dawnkit, renaming herself Dawn, lived alone, until she saw the fall of the ancient clans.

Later, she gathered cats to form a Clan of her own, called DawnClan.

Eventually, she met a tom named Spark, who was the leader of a Clan named SparkClan. They fell in love, and had a single kit, named Morningkit, who was eventually named Morningflight.

Dawn eventually died fighting DuskClan, the Clan formed by her brother. She still hasn't reconciled with her brother about that battle, even after death.


Dawn is a witty she-cat, talking smart, and not prefering to talk to idiots, or cats who are not good for conversation. She has a short, quick temper, and is ususally the one to start fights on cats who cross the border.

She slightly mellowed after death, but still retains her cocky and witty personality.



Spark: Deceased, member of StarClan.


Morningflight: Deceased, member of StarClan.


Lionblaze: Living.


Cinderheart: Deceased, member of StarClan.


Dusk: Deceased, member of StarClan.


Silentstar: Deceased, member of StarClan.
Dreamcatcher: Deceased, member of StarClan.
Desertpaw: Deceased, member of StarClan.

Great Grandkits:

Skysong: Deceased, member of StarClan.
Morningkit: Deceased, member of StarClan.
Petalclaw: Deceased, member of StarClan.


Burrstar (and her relatives): Mainly living, some are deceased.


  • She doesn't remember who her parents are.

Real Life Image


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