This is a list of events that happened before DawnClan roleplay started. All events before Irisstar was leader are considered in the Before Time. Feel free to add in your events!

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Most Early DawnClan

  • Dawn creates DawnClan
  • Sydelle becomes the first warrior, but keeps her kittypet name.
  • Birdsong becomes the first medicine cat.
  • Sydelle is murdered vicously.

After 5th Leader

  • Icefeather, Firemoon, and Spottedface (Element Trio) are born.
  • Rockclaw is born.
  • Ryestar becomes leader after Tigerstar (StarClan) dies.
  • Rockkit is apprenticed.
  • Element Trio are apprenticed.
  • Burrstar joins DawnClan as Burrpaw.
  • She is apprenticed to Irispetal.
  • Icepaw is now Icefeather. Firepaw is now Firemoon. Spottedpaw is now Spottedface.
  • Flamestar forces Icefeather to mate with him, producing Runningkit
  • Flamestar tries to force Icefeather and Runningkit into DuskClan.
  • Icefeather makes Flamestar lose a life.
  • Icefeather falls in love with Crookedshadow.
  • Icefeather has Crookedshadow's kit: Brokendawn.
  • Rockpaw becomes a warrior, named Rockclaw.
  • Spottedface leaves DawnClan.
  • Crookedshadow is murdered.
  • Crookedshadow's spirit comes to Icefeather in a dream and tells her to take Darkgaze as a mate.
  • Mudkit, Stonekit and Dapplekit are born to Firemoon.
  • Burrpaw becames Burrfang.
  • Runningkit becomes Runningpaw.
  • Brokenkit becomes Brokenpaw.
  • Birdstar joins DawnClan as Birdpaw.
  • Mudpaw and Stonepaw become Mudpad and Stonestep.
  • Silverheart and Grayfoot join DawnClan as Silverkit and Graykit.
  • Silverkit and Graykit are apprenticed.
  • Dapplepaw becomes Dapplepatch and a full medicine cat.
  • Burrfang and Rockclaw become mates; Silverpaw and Graypaw becom Silverheart and Grayfoot.
  • Nettleheart, Morningclaw, and Creamsplash are born.
  • Amberlight and Cedarleaf are born
  • Dovesong, Blazefire, Featherlight, Streamkit, and Riverkit join DawnClan
  • Amberkit and Cedarkit are apprenticed
  • Pineheart joins DawnClan as Pinekit.
  • Morningkit, Creamkit and Nettlekit are apprenticed.
  • Streamkit and Riverkit are apprenticed; Amberpaw and Cedarpaw become Amberlight and Cedarleaf
  • Morningpaw, Creampaw and Nettlepaw are made into warriors, named Morningclaw, Creamsplash, and Netttleheart.
  • Brokenpaw is now Brokendawn, and Birdpaw is now Birdwing.
  • Pinekit is apprenticed to Nettleheart.
  • Ryestar dies, and Quickstar becomes leader.
  • Birdwing falls in love with Brokendawn right when she becomes deputy.
  • Birdwing steps down temporarily to nurse Brokendawn's new kits. Among them is Cloverstep.
  • Brokendawn gets killed by a badger.
  • Firemoon gives birth to her second litter, Violetshadow and Jaggedkit.
  • Jaggedkit dies in the cold.
  • Irispetal, the new deputy, becomes Irisstar after Quickstar is murdered.
  • Cloverkit becomes Cloverpaw.
  • Birdwing becomes Deputy again.
  • Cloverpaw becomes Cloverstep.
  • Violetkit becomes Violetpaw.
  • Pinepaw becomes Pineheart.
  • Smoketail and Irristar disappear.
  • Birdwing becomes Birdstar.

And so, when Birdwing becomes leader, under the name Birdstar, our story begins....

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