Delusionwhisper is a small, fluffy, long-haired, curious, kind, gentle, shy, introverted, yet at times amusing to others, beautiful, slender, striking, long-limbed, slightly weak, misunderstood, silky-furred, thick-pelted, soft-furred, motherly, adorable, cutesy, luminous, pale gray tabby she-cat with pale purple-gray, pale pinky-gray, pale green-gray, pale blue-gray, and mottled black and white swirls in her fur, small, fluffy paws, small, yet extremely sharp claws, and pale, sharp, alert, brilliant, radiant, luminous, sparkling, observant eyes, one shining bright purple, and the other shimmering leaf-green.

She is a kit in Hidden Kit Adoption, and has been tested on.


Delusionkit was born to Dustyrain and Treeblaze in Flame Claw Rogues with no siblings.

The next day, she opens her eyes and notices Palewish's kits, Poppykit, Coyotekit, and Dustkit, either with their eyes open already or trying to open them.

Palewish, who usually cares for her because of her mother often being in la la land, is informed that she and Dustkit will be going to Hidden Kit Adoption in two moons, causing Delusionkit to ask what Hidden Kit Adoption is.

She later asks Tinykit how she knew that Hollowsoul was mean and if her brothers at the adoption were starving.

She is later informed that she would be going to Hidden Kit Adoption the day after Pinekit.

She confesses to Icedream that she has a fear of not knowing things.

She and Dustkit are later sent to Hidden Kit Adoption.

Delusionkit and Dustkit are soon tested on. Dustkit dies during his test, but Delusionkit, later named Delusionwhisper, manages to survive her lethal injection.


Delusionwhisper is a very kind, curious, yet shy cat. She can't seem to find her voice a lot of times, casing tome cats to misunderstand her as dumb or mute.

In reality, she is truly an intelligent cat who is just extremely shy.

She is seriously afraid of not knowing anything, and if she is thrown into that situation, she reacts with hypervenalation.



Dustyrain - Living


Treeblaze - Living


  • She was tested on if cats can be injected with a combination of belladonna and nightshade, and is immune to poison
  • She's able to see and turn into a ghost, and her eyes will constantly play tricks on her, changing the colors of what she's seeing and the like
  • She and Dustkit will go to GhostClan and eventually become mates


Character pixel pending.

Delusionwhisper ~ Real life image

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