Leader: Mickeystar
Deputy: Tinkerbell
Medicine Cat/Apprentice: *insert Baymax cat here*

This is a Spoof Clan. It will not be involved in any major prophecies, though it does exist in wiki canon.

Welcome to DisneyClan. All Clan members are based off of characters - current and past - found on Disney movies and shows.

I am the leader, Mickeystar. Have fun, kids!

Note: This clan was owned by Destiny but is under new management by Leia/Darth Luna. Please go to the clan's talk page if you wish to join. Also, this is just a fun idea. Any idea suggested, crazy or not, will be accepted.

Clan Info;

Cats can be based off of any character found in any part of the Disney franchise. They can be from Disney Channel, Disney XD, or even Disney Junior. (And let's not forget Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilms, ect. is allowed as well. Yes, this means Star Wars: The Clone Wars is fair game despite never being Disney.) They can be animated characters, CGI characters or live-action characters.

Clan Members;


Mickeystar Black tom with white forepaws, like gloves, unusually large, round ears (like mouse ears), and bright blue eyes. Minniebow's mate. (Leia)


Coming soon!

Medicine Cat;

Insert Baymax cat here (Crys)


Minniebow Black she-cat with a large, white-spotted pink bow on her head, white forepaws, like gloves, unusually large, round ears (like mouse ears), and bright blue eyes. Mickeystar's mate. (Leia)

Coming soon!


Coming soon!


Coming soon!


Coming soon!

Roleplay Section;

Current events~

  • Currently none

Clan Life;

Coming soon!

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