Not much is known about Dovahkiin except that he is the leader of MononokeClan. Given his static-like pelt, and dull, blank, unreadable epressions and slate gray eyes, Dovahkiin may not seem important even when he is. He is the one who put MononokeClan together and organized it, bringing life to the once dead group of supernatural cats. He is a spirit type demon, one of the rarest. A true leader, Dovahkiin was a wise choice for a leader.

Current Life

Dovahkiin resides in MononokeClan in the position of leader. His age is unknown. Being a spirit demon, he can read minds, "melt" into the air, move through objects, and talk through mind language, or telepathy. He may not know it yet, but he has a small crush on Shira, the deputy of MononokeClan. Will there be kits? Maybe yes, maybe no. WIP

History / Backstory

Dovahkiin grew up around the mountains sister to the one that MononokeClan lives in now. With his family, all spirit demons, he lived in the forest at the base of the mountains, living like he does now. All of his family eventually became deceased, and he now lives as the only spirit demon left in his own family.

He went around the mountains, searching for another place to live. He met up with Zaada and a few others at that point, and decided to make MononokeClan.

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