Dragonfire is a Warrior of RainbowClan.


He doesn't remember his parents, the one thing that he remembers is that the both died for Bloomflower the day after he was kitted. After that he blacked out for a few days and some how found his way to Sky kit adoption, where he was adopted by a She-cat named Rosethorn. She brought him to RainbowClan with her, where spent th next five moons, trying not to talk to anyone or get in their way. But by the time he was apprentice age he wanted Proudheart to be his mentor. Which happened. After a day of train, Proudheart asked him to be part of her plan, and he agreed.

When they got back to camp Dragonpaw attacked Sayianpaw and they had a huge fight, which Rainbowstar had to break up by yelling at both of them. She ordered them that they had to do all their training together. which both mentor and apprentice disliked. The next morning Proudheart and Dragonpaw went to go training, but went without Falcondive and Saiyanpaw. went they got there unknown to them Goldenbreeze was watching and when Proudheart said soemthing about him killing Saiyanpaw and saying that Falcondive was hers. Goldenbreeze showed herself and that was the last thing she ever did. Proudherat killed her with Dragonpaw blocking her only route of esecpe.

This cat is roleplayed by Meadow.


  • He may die.
  • His warrior name will be Dragonnfire.
  • He may Rosekit as an apprentice.
  • He may have a mate, who's not on Proudheart's side.
  • His mother, Ghosthunt lives in Place of Grey Clouds.
  • He may have Rosekit as a mate.


Mother; Ghosthunt: Resident, Place of Grey Clouds

Father;Unknown: Resident; Unknown

Littermates; None

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