Duncan is a golden tom with blue eyes. He is a counselor of Warrior Camp and is roleplayed by Wild.


Usually he is a fun-loving caring tom, but can turn strict very quickly when someone is being rude, mean, or doing something plain wrong. He can be emotionally cold sometimes, and somewhat shy.


Duncan mentioned his first time at Camp Cory at Warrior Camp was when he was 8 moons, when he made quick friends with Greg, a friendship that has lasted for a long time.

During Casey's 2nd year, when she was 9 moons, she met Duncan when he was a LIT, nicknaming him 'Dugie', along with some of her cabinmates.

His first appearence in roleplay was when K-Po commanded him to find a orange hoodie for a video. He was seen frantically searching for an orange hoodie, then remembering he wasn't a Syracuse fan, therefore he had no orange hoodies. Casey stopped by his cabin on her way back to her own cabin, suggesting that he find Greg, since he was sadly a Syracuse fan.

As he runs off to find Greg, Casey sneaks into his cabin and discovers that he had been writing love letters to her, suprised and confused by this.

Later, at the first camp meeting, he is seen explaining Outdoor Ed class.

Duncan helps out at the Battle for the Forest 2, throwing claws with Nick.


Greg- Meeting when they were just 8 moons, they became quick friends, and their friendship has lasted many moons.

Charlie-Duncan was very devestated by Charlie leaving, and wished him good luck at his training camp.

Casey- Casey formerly had a crush on Duncan, but eventually gave up, because "He's to difficult to make friends with. Greg is just...easier." Duncan eventually developed a crush on Casey, which she did not return his feelings. Some of her love for him has stayed, though, as during Hype Hour Stratego 5, she guarded him fiercely from the Red Team.

Nick- He and Nick have been seen to have a close friendship, where they can often be seen throwing claws around.


Duncan's theme song is

Duncan is based off of one of Wild's real life counselors at a summer camp, which Warrior Camp is based off of.

He will eventually die during the Ultimate Fight of Ultimate Destiny (With Pokemon), but we ressurected by Casey's ressurection Jitsu.

Real Life Image

Yellow tiger cat

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