Duskstar is a stocky, white tom with a golden patch stretching from his forehead to his tailtip, black legs to the elbows, and paws, glossy fur, a long, sweeping, plumy tail, and glittery emerald eyes.

He is roleplayed by 4pinkbear, the former head of Der Riese, and the leader of EternalClan as of now.



Duskstar has multiple personalities, that will cause his eye color to change slightly. These activate at random times. However, he's toned down and finally managed to retain his original personality.

Duskstar is a very kind, humorous tom, but he's very sensitive to hurt.

When Kramer and his kin suddenly vanish, he takes over as leader of DuskClan, declaring that the clan will behave as warriors and take the names of warriors, changing his name to Duskstar. In the process, he lot a lot of his memory of his past, just like his other friends.

RPG History

Click here to read Richtofen's history before he was remade.

When his best friend goes missing, Richtofen stepped up and became leader of EternalClan, changing his clan to more warrior-like names and declaring they will function as warriors just the same.


Family and Friends



Oh, so what you're saying is that I should stay in the past like I should be, because you know, I murdered and caused pain in the past, not like I wanted to, but basically, shouldn't that apply to me? I've died once, doesn't that count?

-Richtofen and Snowdusk about cats from the past, Prophecy Roleplay



  • Duskstar is based off of murderous zombie-killer, Edward Richtofen from Call of Duty: Black Ops, who is featured on Zombie maps Moon, Kino Der Toten, Der Riese, Shi No Numa, and Ascension.
  • His Multi-Personalities will never fade away entirely, but he's gradually growing more resistant to them.

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