Everhope is a large, yet delicate, slender, fluffy, beautiful, silky-furred, charming, very pale, elegant, long-legged, eloquent, soft-furred, thick-pelted, long-haired, silver she-cat with thin, barely visible brindle tabby stripes, black paws, a white tail tip, an electric-blue muzzle, piercing, vibrant, brilliant, glowing, topaz-yellow eyes that flicker to electric-blue at will, and a yellow topaz around her neck on a vine that flickers to electric-blue in sync with her eyes.

She is a warrior of DawnClan.

She is a member of The 3rd Generation Prophecy. Her powers are to drive out evil forces from a cat, heal any cat from pain, normally caused by evil forces, and perfect balance.


Everkit is born to Sweetberry and Almondlight in DawnClan with eleven siblings: Weedkit, Rosekit, Lunarkit, Skykit, Ashkit, Silverkit, Poppykit, Nightkit, Lilykit, Lizardkit, and Russetkit. She is shown to be the most clever in the litter, and she opens her eyes very early.

A few days after she is born, Blossomkit (Blossomfrost) finds a yellow topaz on a vine, and it is given to Everkit. After it is placed around her neck, her eyes turn electric-blue, along with the topaz, before flickering back to yellow.

She is apprenticed with Weedkit, Rosekit, Lunarkit, Skykit, and Ashkit. Her mentor becomes Mizusplash.

While she, Mizusplash, Blazefire, and Lunarpaw were training, a snake bit Lunarpaw. Cherryflower and Shadepaw said that they could not save him, which infuriated Everpaw. As her eyes and the topaz around her neck begant to glow blue, she placed her paw on Lunarpaw's wound, expelling the poison and healing his injury.

She and her apprenticed siblings are made into warriors: Weedfang, Roseberry, Lunarblaze, Skyflower, and Ashspots.

She, Fennelkit, Phantomsoul, and Powderfleck travel to the mountains to find their fellow prophecy members. After they get there, they find Fennelkit writhing in pain from Mistfang's control. Everhope manages to temporarily stop Mistfang from hurting Fennelkit.


Everhope is eloquent with her words and is not afraid to speak her mind. She is confident, likeable, and bold. She does, however, have a huge fear of snakes, as Lunarblaze had been bitten by one. Her ophidophobia (fear of snakes) is so great that she refuses to go near where the snake incident happened.

Her worst fear is to die from a snake bite.


Mother - Sweetberry

Father - Almondlight

Siblings - Weedfang, Roseberry, Lunarblaze, Skyflower, Ashspots, Silverkit, Poppykit, Nightkit, Lilykit, Lizardkit, Russetkit


  • Everhope will take Dustwhisker of FreezeClan as a mate after the prophecy is over


Everhope.real ~ Real Life Image

Everhope.alt.real ~ Alternate Real Life Image (when she is using her powers or her emotions run high)[[Category: ]]

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