Former Leaders:

Blackhawk: Handsome black, shadowy tom with striking green eyes. Killed by Owlsorrow. (Cotton)

Larkshadow: a beautiful sleek, she-cat with Light brown eyes. Killed by Owlsorrow. (Meadow)

Former Rapers:

Ivyflight: A short creamy white fur tom with bright green eyes. Killed by Echoflight of BriarClan. (Meadow) Thornshadow: Tom cat with multiple colors of brown that ripple down his pelt and end with a white tipped tail. He has orangey eyes and white tipped ears. (Shorts)

Blackfang - Black tom with a few small white patches and amber eyes. (Cinder) Hawkwing- Dark brown tom with a black underbelly and evil amber eyes. Killed by unknown causes. (Leaf) ===Former Killers:=== Heartsong- A pure white she-cat with A pink heart on both sides of her belly. Ran away (Meadow)

Swiftsecret- White shecat with icy blue eyes and hard-to-see gray patches. Killed by unknown causes. (Leaf)

Darkflower: Black she-cat with violet eyes. Killed by Birdpaw of BriarClan. (Cotton)

Iceshard - white tabby she-cat with ice-blue eyes. Killed by unknown causes. (???)

Darksoul - Dark tabby she-cat wit spots on her face instead of stripes and dark green eyes. Killed by unknown causes. (Fuzzy) Flashfreeze - Gray colored she-cat with darker flecks on her lower back. Killed by unknown causes. (Fuzzy)

Former New Rapers:

Creekpaw - Black tom with lighter spots all over him and yellow eyes. Killed by unknown causes.(Fuzzy)

Onyxpaw- Black tom with cold gray eyes. Brother to Ebonypaw. (Holly)

Acidkit - Dark brown tom with familiar green eyes. Son of Carnage, but does not seem to have his abilities, and Pingukit's half-brother. Involved in a two-leg fallout zone, and learned to fend for himself quickly. (Shuckle)

Pingukit - Small black tom with a white underbelly and glowing green eyes. Has not said a single word yet, and is thought to be dumb. Son of Carnage and half-brother of Acidkit. (Shuckle)

Former New Killers:

Ebonypaw- Black she-cat with icy gray eyes that are slightly bluer than her brother's. Sister to Onyxpaw. (Holly)

Former Kit Mothers:

Blackwhisker: Black she-cat with blue eyes. Mother to all the kits brought into the Clan. Ran away (Cotton)

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