Flintstar is a very tall, long tom with a fiery pelt & blue eyes. He is the current leader of FireClan.


Flintstar, like FireClan itself, is notably brave & courageous. He's respected by most, now that he is leader. Though before when he was just an apprentice, he was often considered reckless. Flintstar would always rush into things too quickly, blinded by his own judgement. Now that he's gone through quite a bit, he's matured.


Flintstar was born to unknown loner parents that joined the clan, with their three kits(Lilykit, Spottedkit, & Longkit[Flintstar]) shortly before leaving. They left their kits to be taken in & trained. The other two kits(Lilykit & Spottedkit) later died from greencough, during leaf-bare. Flintkit was raised & renamed in FireClan. Flintstar, or Flintpaw, became mentored to an warrior now known as Bentear. He quickly rose to be a warrior, earning himself the name of Flintheart.

As a warrior, Flintheart showed exellent skill & was often requested to train many apprentices. He trained Silverclaw & two others.

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