Flowerbud is a blonde she-cat with orange paws, neck, and ear tips with amber eyes. She is a queen in SorceryClan, and Firebird is her mate. She has the ability to make things float

In Human-Neko RPG, she is a young adult with long light orange hair and bangs with amber-brown eyes.

Personal Life

Her mate is the deputy of her Clan, and together they had six kits. Before she had her kits, she fostered the timid Meltkit. She has had many incidents with the other foster kit, Nightkit, who wasn't fostered by anyone it particular. He is now Nightpaw.


"Nightkit! You scared the ticks out of me! What were you doing?"

-Flowerbud to Nightkit


Mate: Firebird

Daughters: Foxkit and Mysterykit

Sons: Flashkit, Sunkit, Blazekit, and Tawnykit

Step-Sister: Dawnsky

Niece: Echokit

Nephew: Raccoonkit

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