Forestpaw is a handsome dark tortoiseshell tom with a single pale golden paw, light gray patches on his tail, legs and belly, a white patch on his face and dark, foresty green eyes.

He is an apprentice in LightClan. He is roleplayed by Aspen.


Forestkit was born to Bravestar and Sweetdapple with one sister, Silverkit, in the middle of Spring. He was named by Sweetdapple for his foresty colored green eyes.

He is often seen watching the Clan function, silently, or being cared for by Ashypetal, who cares for him when Sweetdapple is buisy.

He later gets annoyed by Riverkit and tells her that future Clan leaders dont have time to play. She then leaves to go play with Silverkit.

He becomes an apprentice with the name Forestpaw, along with his sister, Silverkit, who is now Silverpaw. His mentor is Graystreak.

Flarepaw congratulates him and his sister. In response, Silverpaw happily thanks her and Forestpaw just grunts and goes to sit with his friend, Blackpaw.

He admits to himself that he misses Riverkit and is happy that in three moons, she would become an apprentice with him.

After a four moon timeskip, Forestpaw is battle training with Riverpaw, a newly named apprentice.


Forestpaw is a tom that always will speak his mind. He is fierce, normally grumpy, and doesn't seem to have a soft spot for anyone.

As an apprentice, he seems to be more serious natured and ambitious.



Sweetdapple - Alive, LightClan


Bravestar - Alive, LightClan


Silverpaw - Alive, LightClan

"Foster" Mother(Kind Of)~

Ashypetal - Alive, LightClan



Graystreak - Alive, LightClan


None yet.


Kit To Apprentice~

Bravestar: "All cats gather around the High Rock! From this day forward, Forestkit, you will be known as Forestpaw. Graystreak, you mentored the deceased Waterdream once I beleive that it is time that you receive your second apprentice. Teach young Forestpaw all you know.

And Silverkit, you will be known as Silverpaw. Twotail, its about time that you receive your first apprentice. You will mentor Silverpaw"

The Cats of LightClan: "Forestpaw! Silverpaw! Forestpaw! Silverpaw"


None yet.



Character Art~

Real Life Image~


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