Frank is a young, thin, nervous looking, shy, bony, delicate, very smart, quiet, observant, male scientist with soft, usually slightly tangled and ruffled from sleeping at random times and places, fluffy black and blonde hair, small, long fingered hands, a long scar on his face extending the length of his cheek, and alert, bright, observant, soft bright green eyes with flecks of orange near the pupil.

He has narcolepsy.

He is a newer scientist at the Laboratory.


Frank was an orphan, having lived at an orphanage all of his life. He has deep emotional scars from being mocked for his unusual hair, and his sleeping patterns, which was later diagnosed as narcolepsy.

He eventually found love with a girl from the orphanage named Lilandra.

Him and Lilandra eventually had a daughter named Lavini. Lilandra left with their daughter because she didn't think Frank could support them. Frank spiraled into a depression afterwards, and he started to look for a job.

After he turned 28, he was hired at the Laboratory as a scientist, and he found the cat who was later named Bluebell.

He later finds a black cat outside the Lab, and names her Morrigan. He plans to give her bat DNA.

Frank later injected Morrigan with the bat DNA, and adopted her sister, Lilith into the Laboratory.

Lilandra comes to the Lab one day, and gives Frank his daughter because she found another man who didn't want a single mother. Frank now lives at the Lab with his daughter.


Frank is a shy, nervous person that stems from him being teased at a young age. He is afraid to let anyone get to know him more than just an aquantince.

He is usually very tired and exausted.



Lavini - Alive


Name Unknown - Residence Unknown


Name Unknown - Residence Unknown


Lilandra (formerly) - Alive


  • Frank wants to adopt Bluebell, Morrigan, and Lilith.
  • He wants to know who his parents are.
  • He truly loves Lilandra, and his daughter.

Real Life Picture


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